I Need A Help Desk

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Okay, I need to get some sort of Help Desk Software. Any recommendations on what to go for?
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    Good question. I'd like to know, too. Also, is there a help desk service available that you can access, rather than having the actual software?

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      I use Willie Crawford's Three Pillars Helpdesk which is available at threepillarshelpdesk.com. It is very easy to use to set up and use.

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      Try Franks Ticket desk Pro (Frank Haywood member here - he ran a wso for it a few months ago)

      Hurry though the price is going up real soon and the next time I recommend this it's going to be with an affiliate link........ pitty I don't have one right now

      Ticket Desk Pro
      $47.00 is the current selling price. Grab it quick. (08/19/2008)

      __________________________________________________ _________________________________


      Why pay a high price to others when a simple, effective software solution will do it for you, and it doesn't even need to be paid minimum wage!

      Just wondering?

      Kindest regards,

      Janet Sawyer
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    Well, I rather like ThreePillarsHelpDesk myself. I tried it about
    16 months ago,and like it so much that I did a Victor Kiam, and
    bought the company :-)

    I have seen several companies offering manned helpdesk. One
    that comes to mind is out of the Philippines, and uses Three
    Pillars as their platform. If you want their contact info just
    let me know and I'll track it down.


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