Artisteer and XSitePro

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I'm an avid fan of XSitePro, especially for content sites.

I've also started looking into Wordpress more now, and have a copy of Artisteer for playing with new WP themes. Artisteer can export HTML themes.

Has anyone had any experience with trying to use an Artisteer theme in XSitePro at all? Is it possible?

I presume it will mean modifying the CSS quote heavily, but that would mean having to modify each time you publish (I think). :confused:
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  • Profile picture of the author Kim Standerline
    I've got Artisteer and I'm loving it.

    I must admit tho I've never thought of using it with XSP (which I also love)

    Might be worth mentioning to Artisteer/Paul Smithson from XSP as to whether it could be intergrated or not

  • Profile picture of the author James Schramko
    I predict an xsitepro provided wizard of some sorts will bind Wordpress themes and XSitePro themes eventually.

    There is already a product out that teaches people how to blend Wordpress and xsitepro themes - it should be a similar exercise.
  • Profile picture of the author James Schramko
    Convert XSitePro to WordPress

    I also blogged about it on my xspcheatsheet blog
  • Profile picture of the author Jesus Perez
    Use Artisteer to export to Wordpress.
    Then use Artisteer to export to HTML.
    Finally, convert the HTML to XSitePro using the steps here: link.

    Just make sure your template more or less adheres to XsitePro's 'blocks'.
  • Profile picture of the author Chris Endres
    Personally I am looking for the trick to importing regular HTML templates into XSP. That's been messing me up for a while but it hasnt been a priority to deal with yet...
  • Profile picture of the author gareth
    I just discoverd artisteer and its KEWL !!!

    I have xsitepro of course, another KEWL app is ezgenerator but you dont need it if you have xsitepro.

    I am gunna have to buy artisteer.

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