Question about 'strange' Page Rank score

by rooze 7 replies
Hey folks,

I'm aware of the fact that Page Rank is pretty meaningless these days, although it can be used to command a higher price for advertising and backlinking.

I've been doing some tests on PR pushing on a couple of my older domains, and came across a strange result.

I have a domain that only has 5 backlinks. They are mostly PR0 pages linking in, with the exception of a forum post from - which doesn't show the PR. But it's probably 0, since it's just on a forum page.

The strange thing is that my site has gone up to a PR5

Hmm...only a couple of worthless backlinks and Google thinks it's a PR5

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    sell it quick on flippa before it changes... Just kidding.

    i am guessing these are pretty dormant domains with little fresh content or much content at all?

    how did you decide there are only 5 backlinks?
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    Hey David,

    Yes, Google and confirmed on Alexa. I should've said backlinks from 5 domains, there are actually quite a few links coming from 3 of the 5 domains, but they're all low PR, mostly zero. And they're links that were all established 2/3 yrs ago.

    Oddly enough it's a site I've just started to develop into a WPMU.

    Even more strange, it's a site that around 18 months ago got hacked and planted with Malware, and blocked by the Google gods. So I unplugged it and it has just basically sat around for 18 months.
    Odd to see it go from a PR1 to 5 for no apparent reason. to capitalize on this before it vaporizes !
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    It is a temporary case I guess, it happens from time to time, this usually doesn't last longer than a day.
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    Did you verify your PR properly? Hope you did but in case you did not do then verify once again.

    I believe it's temporary and Google might do another update very soon. Last time same thing happened.
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    Stranger things have happened with PR. I had a site that was a blank page because I had been using it as a test site become either PR1 or PR2 (can't remember now), so who knows? Maybe it will stick!

    Free IM Info, No Junk -

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    It happens.
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    I am not fully understand with Google Page Rank. Some says its depends on Inbound and Outbound link, but some of my post get page rank 1-2 without doing link building work or any social bookmarking.

    But I never seen page rank above 2 like without work. you have page rank 5, so confused. If you are seeing only 5 back-links in Google webmaster tool then I'm sure your page rank is temporary.
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