How the numbers might work from start to finish

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Hi, this is my first post here, am very grateful for all the great information all of you share. I am building out the model Alexa, BYOB, and Annie espouse - content syndication, email list building, building trust, etc. - and am hoping to get feedback on some projections I need to make for business purposes. I know that these can only very rough estimates, but any feedback would be great!

So using one site, one product, one landing page - after six months:

24 - articles written - starting early with 5 or so, then less than one a week after that
5 - number of sites picking up article through EZA and mainly through proactive efforts
120 - Number of locations articles can be seen on Internet
5 - views per day per location
600 - views per day
60 - click through to landing page/homepage with optin feature - 10%
12 - optins - 20% choose to optin once they hit the landing page
2160 - number of optins at end of 180 days
216 - sales per month - 10% using aweber/regular emails, etc.
$30 - average commission per sale
$6480 monthly revenue from site starting in month seven

Are there glaring weaknesses in this perspective? By way of background, I ran an Internet job board from 95 to 06, then played for the last few years (shouldn't have as it wasn't that big of a deal!), and am now back into the Internet space. What I would do is probably cut these projections in half - at least - and run my revenue numbers based on that figure. But any help wrt major glaring misses on my part would be welcome.

More postings later when I feel I can contribute, on EZA, my search for products on CB, outsourcing thoughts, etc., and I am sure more questions. But my thanks go out to all you folks who share so much!

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    Just another note on "numbers", this one shorter.

    I went through quite a few CB products, maybe 75-100 in all, using the criteria from the list Alexa had posted elsewhere on WF. I didn't want leaks of any kind, no popups, a sales page that is not too in-your-face, revenue to me of at least $30, and a few other factors.

    I ended up emailing 18 sites, and only six got back with more than an automated message. Of those six all were helpful, and in fact I have entered into a great conversation with a few of them. I think I might just build niche sites for all six, and some of those vendors have more than one product.

    So those numbers worked this way. Viewed 75-100 sales pages, liked 18 enough to email, six got back, all or most of the six look good.

    One question - A lot of the vendors seem to use the same type of page, one long page, same type of style. Some had built out web sites. Do you have a preference as to whose products to market?


    I will add one more post here numbers related to outsourcing costs for each site later this morning, after a bit more coffee......


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      Ok, another set of numbers here. The cost of outsourcing a niche site with one product doesn't seem to be that high. I guess on a relative basis that is. here are some numbers I am looking at working with WF members and also contractors. As before, let me know where I am missing the boat on these numbers!

      $100 Landing/Home/Optin page design
      50 Page text
      500 12 (1,000 word) articles plus product review page - rough estimate of cost
      100 article syndication. This would be to hire someone to use google to build a list of web sites which might take the articles, create list for future articles, etc. Also make use of Directory of Ezines, etc.
      150 text for emails for aweber.

      That's $900 total. Now, I know this is rough, and it does not include other expenses that you would have as a matter of doing business, like cost of DOE, Aweber, etc.

      Do these numbers make sense?

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