Doing Live Experiment On WSO, what do you think?

by Raja Kamil 8 replies

The situation,

I found a new way to make money online.
Then, I turn it into a WSO.

Unfortunately, the WSO don't turn profitable.
When, checking the reason, it's because people still can't see the potential.

People start questioning, "It might work for you, not for us.."

If that happen to you., what will you do?

This question had playing around my head for few days and today I found an answer to this, although I'm not sure how it will turn up. Okay, or not okay?!

Thus, I need some input from friends here before implement this.

The idea is as stated in the title.

Do the live experiment.

Let say I'm talking about make money from blog (no, I don't have WSO on this topic)

What will I do is, I will buy a new domain, tell about the domain name at the WSO thread.

Then, do a day #1, day #2 and so on experiment until I get the results.

So, that the idea.

What do you guys/gals think about that?
Could it be implemented in WSO or not?
Would help a wso become successful or not?
Lastly, is it allowable to do that in WSO? (as far as I read at WSO Rules, I don't find any regulation talking about this)

Input and more idea to improve this idea is much appreciated.

Always Smile Even When You Sad;
Raja Kamil
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    I did a live case study WSO a couple years ago....worked out pretty good.

    Of course WSOs are an entirely different game than they were then.
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    I think it sounds like a great idea.

    Good luck to you.


    PS - Don't mean to be unkind, but get someone else to write your WSO copy for you
    Whether you are a Reader, an Author or a Website Owner, we have something for you!

    Books that Inspire
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      Maybe make a case study of the method and lay it out nice and simple?

      I might not be understanding what you are asking.

      Are you showing how to make WSOs profitable or just make a case study to put in a WSO?
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      • Profile picture of the author Raja Kamil
        Originally Posted by Karson View Post

        I might not be understanding what you are asking.
        this one...

        Originally Posted by Karson View Post

        make a case study to put in a WSO?
        Agreed with this one
        Originally Posted by Karson View Post

        Maybe make a case study of the method and lay it out nice and simple?

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  • Profile picture of the author Raja Kamil
    off topic....

    We are what we want to see...
    A Warrior, Karson, asked this question.

    Originally Posted by Karson View Post

    Maybe make a case study of the method and lay it out nice and simple?

    I might not be understanding what you are asking.

    Are you showing how to make WSOs profitable or just make a case study to put in a WSO?

    And, then, here my answer,

    Which, the answer actually, extracted from Karson's question before.

    Thus, it is not about what you see, it is about, what others see.....perfect example
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      From my experience having a case study of what you are doing... along with proof from that case study is a very good value to add in your WSO.

      As for making a case study on how to make a WSO profitable... that would probably be a hit. I have seen a few coaching methods that I haven't tried. Also a few products on making them but none really all that good. They usually consist of rewriting content or using PLR. A good product would be how to get affiliates, how to promote your first WSO without a list and how to gather your thoughts and create a true product that offers value.

      That last part... creating a true product that really adds value should be the bottom line for everybody. Not just chasing money. It will get you twice as much money in the end.
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    Basically you need Case Studies of actual people succeeding
    with your method. Think of it as being a clinical trials doctor
    or a research scientist. Get a group of students, whether it's
    2, 5, 10, whatever.. and walk them through you method
    step-by-step. Document the process and their success, even
    better if you can record some of their work and successes.
    Then put together the case studies from your "teaching trials"
    as proof of the success along with some strong testimonials.

    If you method is fairly unique and not well known, then try to
    link up or JV with a guru(s) on the Warrior Fourm after you have
    the Case Studies because their testimonials will carry more
    weight, at least with their own list, but it may open doors for
    you to other JV partners.

    Best of luck...


    Learn a newbie friendly way to start making $3k per month.

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  • Profile picture of the author flocon
    I would find it to be more valuable if there is a real time case study (at the time it was done) than if there is not. I have gotten at least one product where the traffic generation part was not getting into the details of how to get the traffic from the sources mentioned.

    It seems clear to me that a product where the seller shows hands on experience is more valuable. It could also show that the method you are selling works if you end up making money.

    Concerning the value (as a customer), unless the seller has a lot of following or can get recommendations from another reputable marketer, I think that selling the case study and notes after you have reached a nice results may have benefits.
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