Youtube Good For Anything But CPA?

by juxter 4 replies

I have heard that Youtube is not good for promoting anything but CPA offers. I am into Amazon and Clickbank and was thinking about getting into video marketing.

Would I be wasting my time trying to promote Amazon and Clickbank offers using Youtube videos? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    its works fine for any offers, but the videos have to be good quality.
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    It would be good to host these videos on Youtube for people to watch them from your site as supplemental advertising for your promoted offer but trying to get Youtube as a source of traffic for that kind of stuff is iffy... I heard you need to get around 300 views before Youtube begins to openly suggest your video, but I'm not sure about how accurate that is... and even then getting 300 views without a vehicle driving those views (like your site) is not an easy task.

    Here is How to Steal Your Competitor’s High PR Backlinks:

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    It's harder to make sales than get people to fill out CPA offers, but its doable.

    Be warned though, that YouTube is known to sometimes close accounts for unknown reasons, so don't put all your biscuits in one tin. Diversify in traffic source.

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    YT is great for brand building.
    Show yourself, make yourself a real person and build a following.
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