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Hi, I am just starting with Rapid Action Profits. I am modifying the templates. My question is, should I have a home page for my domain, or does rapid action profits include that too.

Before I bought Rapid Action Profits I had already uploaded a home page, and a sales page for my first item. Should I take those down. I write and selling ebooks, and am going to try Allen's idea of $7.00 dollar ebooks in his Hot Reports.

The way I understand it, Rapid Action Profits templates is where I will put all the sales pages for the different ebooks, but what about the home page.

I was going to have a home page with a paragraph about the site, and covers and links for all the books to the respective sales pages.

Any help will be appreciated. Glenn
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    Rap provides a sales page template so you can keep your home page.

    Just install RAP in a subdirectory and link to your products running on RAP from your home page in your sub directory.

    Frank Bruno

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