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EBay Inc is cutting the fees U.S. sellers on its site pay for fixed-price items, in one of the company's boldest moves this year to boost merchandise for sale, lure new buyers and take on competitors.

Total sellers' fees will decrease in most cases under eBay's plan to improve the balance between buyers and sellers on the world's largest online auction site, and thereby reduce customer defections to rivals such as Amazon.com Inc.

Instead of charging sellers to list each item separately, eBay will charge 35 cents to list any number of the same types of fixed-price items. Similar changes will be made in Germany and Britain, eBay's second- and third-largest auction markets.

The move, effective September 16, is a bid to reduce the clutter of similar items on eBay -- 100 pairs of white socks will now be sold as a group, for example. The change is timed to boost business heading into the crucial holiday season.

Here's the link for more info:

EBay lowering fixed-price sellers' listing fees | Reuters

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    That's good news for me. In addition to selling my artwork and DVDs on my own website I also sell on eBay. I used to list a ton of stuff but when the prices kept going up I started listing less and less. Right now I pretty much only list my DVDs and nothing else.

    If this is true I think I'll start listing everything again (until some ass wipe leaves negative feedback for no reason and I have no recourse.) I hope eBay will reconsider their stupid feedback policy.
    • Profile picture of the author dbh
      Uh huh, sure. The last time eBay lowered listing fees, they forgot to mention that they also raised final value fees about twice as much as the lowered listing fees :rolleyes:...

      - Darrell

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