Autoresponder E-Mails - How often?

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I know this has been asked very often (unfortunately the search is limited due to the new forum software).

I would like to read your opinion in this matter:

How often would you send e-mails in an autoresponder series in the self-improvement niche?

Is weekly enough?

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    I'm subscribed to a few lists in this market (self-improvement / personal development).

    Some of them email me daily.

    Others email me weekly.

    They all go in to a folder based on filters i have created and I review them at my convenience so frequency isn't a big issue in my case (as a recipient).

    My personal opinion is that daily emails are too much unless the information is just amazing. When I do go through the emails that have stacked up, many of them are deleted in short order. The ones that really stand out to me get a little more of my focused time.

    My own lists are primarily IM'ers and I send to them every 2 or 3 days. That seems to be about right for my group.
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    Here's where this is asked and answered on page 2 here...

    Chip Tarver

    PS - The core question is more "How often should I email my list" as much as it is specifically about what is mailed, and the opinions here should apply regardless of what you mail IMO. But as usual, people have differing opinions...
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    Ok... I really do believe it's all about the relationship you have with your list. Simply speaking, if your list loves you and loves to hear from you (aka: what's in it for them), then you can email them pretty often, If they hate you, then once a month would be too often... you know what I am saying

    It also depends on the marketing stage you're in... I think if you're just growing your list, then once a week is fine, but I have seen people email their list every single day right before the product launch.

    It depends on many factors.

    Feel free to private message me, if I can be of any more help. thanks,
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      Thank you for your thoughts.

      Ok, so the answer is 1/week or 2/week.

      I think I simply test it for 2 months and then compare the unsubscribe rates.

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