Outsourcing Traffic Generation - What would you ask them to do?

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Hi guys.

Simple question.

If you had a brand new site and you wanted to outsource generating taffic to that site, what 2 things would you ask them to do first and what would you be prepared to pay?

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    Hey Roy!

    10 Videos A day... That can attract traffic...
    Take their MP3's and create podcasts!
    Get them transcribed and create another version of them all! Then mix and combine to get a few articles all unique varying by at least 50% from each other.

    Post it all online... blog, hub, lens, Myspace Blog, Tweet a lil about it, Articles, facebook about it, Post them in the useful article section of forums etc...

    Aparg from this, send 2000 friend requests everyday to people that are interested and like minded on Myspace. Find them on groups, and send a personal message to each of them. Automation possible through softwares! Then send PM's and comment on their profiles and include a link back to your site!

    Be prepared for a lot of traffic!

    I'd pay something like 200 dollars a day in total to get thAT DONE! People from INDIA and ROMANIA do that pretty cheap. Personally I'd hire multiple people and create the videos myself!

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      Interesting Lakshay. Thanks for the input.

      Any more?

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      Cool! I've seen a very similar method - but backwards!

      One method that will explode your site with traffic is to do:

      -10 (Any reasonable number really) articles
      -Record yourself reading them to make podcasts
      -Use the recordings and PowerPoint slides to make videos



      My best suggestion would be to get articles out there and make an investment in press releases. Those two things can be steep initial investments - but compared to the money you'd save in PPC it makes it a very worthwhile investment in the long run.


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