Is it possible to add multiple locations to a Facebook Page for business?

Profile picture of the author damenchoy by damenchoy Posted: 11/26/2011
I have a number of businesses that have multiple physical addresses. I would like to take advantages of using Facebook Check-in feature to increase the page's exposure.

However, if I have multiple locations, it seems that I have to create a unique page for each address. is that true? Is there any way I can create a FB page with multiple addresses? (and hence allowing people to check in at different locations?)

It looks like something impossible. Can anyone confirm?

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  • Profile picture of the author officer_iron
    As far as I know, you cannot add multiple physical locations to a fan page. I would however encourage you to make a page for each location. That will allow you to customize your interaction to each specific location.
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    curly sue
    You cannot have multiple addresses for one fan page. However, you can have multiple domains or sub domains and redirect them to your fan page.

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