quickest way to make money online

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What is the quickest way to make money online?

selling other peoples products?
other people selling your products?
website flipping?

so what do you think the quickest way to make money online is?

I am not asking for a quick way to make money online but the quickest, It might take some weeks to make money online but I would like to know the QUICKEST NOT A QUICK WAY TO MAKE MONEY OVERNIGHT!
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    selling other peoples products?
    other people selling your products?

    remaining two take time
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    these all are good way to make money fast in other option blogging one of best way to make money online easily.
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    Originally Posted by rajivweb View Post

    these all are good way to make money fast in other option blogging one of best way to make money online easily.
    how can you make money blogging?
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    Id have to say affiliate marketing or doing CPA has to be the fastest way to earn, but you do need to make sure its done properly!!!
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    I'd pick affiliate marketing and CPA anytime of the day.
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    affiliate marketing is the super quickest way but have few conditions like:
    you should know what type of product is the need of people
    how to promote products and services fast
    you must be skilled with marketing rules
    if you are normal and just gonna to start marketing then in case of quick ways you should invest on internet
    1.Choose a killer product to promote
    2.setup a affiliate site (try to take advantage of SEO)
    3. PPC advertisment and social networking traffic
    Best of luck
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    Thanks a lot for the info ninja
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    I would advise making a website to use as an affiliate for Amazon.
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    hm maybe start some scam lol you can make quick money with it lol
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    Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no quick way of making money online. Most people that come online to make money have no skills related to making money online. If you had to pick a potential quickest it would be freelance writing. There are pros and cons to this as well. Pros is that you can offer your services to many more experienced marketers looking to outsource their grunt work. Cons is that starting off can be rough when you have no past history of your performance. There is a line for just about every site offering freelance writing so you will have to fight to get any job and possibly underbid the competition.

    In a nutshell Internet Marketing is 3 main areas : Copywriting - The lifeblood of what attracts people to click on a link. The way to create targeted traffic generation is great copywriting placed where hungry buyers are looking. The most important line in a salespage is the "Headline"

    Traffic Generation - You need good copywriting to get people to click your links. Without good copywriting people will not want to click your You Tube Videos, Article signatures, Google listings, Forum Signatures, etc. Traffic generation is broken into two main regions: Free and Paid traffic.

    There are tons of different methods in traffic generation. Pick one side free or paid and concentrate on one main method until you can generate a lot of traffic from it. You might suck in the beginning just like anything else that is brand new to you. Stick with it until you see on going progress.

    Last but not least is lead generation. You need to build a list. Every big marketer has a huge list of subscribers. You must build a relationship with your list by helping them with their problems. People opt in to lists to get solutions to their problems. When they don't get the help they go to the next marketer. The marketer who helps them solve their problem for free will gain the trust.

    Sounds crazy but every marketer I have bought a product of a decent value has shown me how to solve the problem for free. They offered a detailed step by step blueprint as the product. They brought me so much relief in helping me solve my problem that I was happy to get more detailed steps.
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    Probably the absolute QUICKEST way to make money on line, talking make money this week, would be brokering.

    1. Jump on Craig'slist.
    2. Find what services people are advertising to have rendered.
    3. Contact some of the people who are OFFERING those services.
    4. Contact them and tell them you will send them business.
    5. Register a quick domain and website relating to that service.
    6. Contact the customers and build rapport with them right now, offering the services to them, and follow up with good quality email contact.
    7. Charge a portion over the cost.
    8. Profit is yours.
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    Shireen here :-)

    - Selling resell rights products on ebay

    - offer your service (article writing, graphic designing) on fiverr

    Hope it helps :-)
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    Find a website that sells a product say $400 with a 50% commision.

    make sure the product is awesome and the sales page converts well.

    Send as much traffic as humanly possible to the site using your affiliate plug / link


    We still do this today with 2 HIGH END commision products and ads about 1k a week to our revenue.

    Funny thing is it takes just the same amount of effort to sell a $400 product than a $27 product. More people will go for the $400 product too, as it is perceived to be better quality and more helpful.
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    The fastest way how to make money online in less than 36 hours is by offering small job at fiverr or you can create worpdress template and sell it on template forums.
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    Selling Service online I think the quickest way to make money online. Without doing seo, ppc and etc. just go to some freelance website, post your job there.
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    Offline business is the quickest mate. Find out what other want, go to listing and act as middle man. There are a number of very good courses on how you can jumpstart this that are sold by the warrior members. Take a look at it.

    I have tried some very good ideas that I learnt from the courses I bought and has made some decent money with very little work. I am going to get my families to do this after I get the stuff going and I can write down instructions so that they can follow. My passion is still with online
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    There are many ways to make money online . the quickest way is to send PPC (Pay per click ) traffic and get your affiliate sales like Celente suggested . That is quickest way but you need to know what you are doing otherwise you might make a loss and waste money .

    another quick way is offer services for people in the real world . they would pay you almost instantly when you get the work done .

    you are going to make some effort , put some work into it , it can be quick but not easy
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    For passive income, you need to invest time and money. Become Amazon Associate or sell goods in ebay after doing some good research on the experts there.
    As celente mentioned..Im still looking for that $400 product with a 50% commision.
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    Originally Posted by IMdude123 View Post

    What is the quickest way to make money online?

    selling other peoples products?
    other people selling your products?
    website flipping?

    so what do you think the quickest way to make money online is?
    The fastest way to make money online and get paid is as a service provider like being a ghostwriter or something like that because you get paid via Paypal. That being said, you have to either already have a skill or learn a skill that people are willing to pay for.

    If you can't do that, I would start out with affiliate marketing (selling other people's products and earning a commission on every sale made). The niche you choose (i.e. dating, weight loss, learn guitar) should be one that's both profitable and one you enjoy. Your sites should contain both product reviews and articles on info related to your niche topic.

    When you are building niche sites, you can either choose to build a big authority site, smaller, micro-niches sites that people use to promote stuff for the holidays, or a combination of both. You should also host stuff on your own domain so that you have control of the content.

    Good luck,
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    I think starting your own cult is the fastest way. All your followers give up their worldly goods to follow you. And you can apply for religious status for taxing...

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