PayPal - You've received an echeque, but I hadn't!

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Hi Guys

This morning I received an email from PayPal that said I had received an echeque and contained all the usual blurb about waiting until it cleared before sending the goods etc.

I actually thought it was a phishing attempt because it was an HTML email and usually those emails are plain text. I've had many of them over the years.

So I trawled through the source code of the email and found that all the links were real PayPal links (to and that the sender ( passed the SPF and DomainKeys checks.

So I thought, this must be a clever phishing attempt. I bet all the links are legitimate apart from one - maybe one that takes you to a page where you would enter your login and password.

But no, I simply couldn't find anything in the email that was not legit.

The strange thing is ... I hadn't received an echeque in my PayPal account!

So, I'm left wondering if that was maybe a PayPal test email or some weird kind of spam or some kind of clever phishing.

Did anyone else get this today?


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  • Profile picture of the author Pete Egeler
    Can't speak for the UK, but here in the US echecks are held for up to 10-days until they are put into your account.

    These checks have to clear the banks before you get them.

    • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
      Same here Peter, but it appears in my PayPal account as 'uncleared'.

      In this case, there is no such entry in my PayPal account.



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