Is this legal - Citing short segments of other people's free content, providing you credit them...

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So I want to add some content into an eBook, content that is from free sources, written by other people.

We're talking a few sentences here and there, literally snapshots, ultra light tips etc. Nothing heavy, nothing exclusive.

I want to put this content in my eBook, but it's obviously not my intention to rip people off. Sure, the info is freely available, and I could just rewrite it, but I prefer to be as integral as possible when it comes to such things.

So, my idea was this:

Let's say I start a new section with my own wording...

Now we're going to look at how to do "x". According to Expert A from website "Z", here's what you need to do:

(expert's quote)
"tip a, do this and that, this will happen, that will happen, you can also try this..."
- source:
Is that illegal? Is that reasonable? I have several varying quotes (or citations) that I would like to use...should I take a week or so out of my shcedule and contact all these people via email and ask for permission? Is that even necessary?

Cheers for your help...


When doing a dissertation, or pretty much any further education essays, one of the requirements is to use citations based on your surely this sort of thing can't be illegal per se?

Is there something I am missing, am I just being paranoid?
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    This is not legal advice.

    Hi, there is an accepted format for using this type of content, citing source is one of the accepted formats, I would do some research into the most commonly used, terminology.

    I would say for instance, that you would at the minimum use a third person perspective, so you would not use a first person quote, then show the citation.

    you would use a third person quote, with the following citation.

    look at how it is done by professional journalists.

    That will be the defining method.

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