eBay Indefinite Selling Restriction :'(

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so ebay served me a delicious yet nutritious 'indefinite selling restriction' where am told I can no longer sell on ebay, and upon some communication further it really does seem * indefinite *

further google research seems to show its a more recurring issue and happening to many. Typically I think this is an opportunity versus something to be negative about as whenever something becomes difficult...it leaves the door open to the real committed and hard working internet marketers to adapt to changes and tweak until they succeed...whether that be ebays changing rules or google adwords...as your competition starts dropping ...BUT this has been one of those things thats really annoying and unfair...for real

and its not just me, anywhere I look it seems many loyal and good' ebayers with YEARS of service and making ebay a great marketplace are going down. Now I agree if you break the rules...TOUGH...but COMON!..what if you have like on average 500+ positive feedback transactions a month...then maybe some 5-10 neutrals ...and unfortunately 2-3 negatives

that doesn't mean your a bad ebayer surely? and now that sellers can be held to ransom due to not being able to leave bad feedback to a customer....

why must a good ebayer who doesn't break rules pay for (with all due respect) COMPLETE IDIOTS who refuse to read all the sales description and presumed mutual agreement of sale...

and then suffer there DSR (detailed sellers ratings) suffer due to

* item not being as described as well

* or poof communication,

you see the problem am seeing is, as soon as your customer gets disappointed on one aspect of their transaction, they automatically will leave you poor ratings for your postage time, communication as well item not being described as well

but ebay says out of every 100 transactions you can only get 1-2 max or whatever low detailed seller ratings throughout board (I think) or it seemed when my account went down anyway, as I was clearly a good seller, many satisfied customers, but slowly got done for poor DSR's (really due to lack of ebayers clearly not reading all of the description)

anyway the good news is, obviously for us smart marketers many channels of advertising exist beyond ebay to sell your product, but its just annoying and I thought i'd have a lil rant here and get some feedback and views of the fellow wf community and if anyone has been in a similar situation?...more importantly share any solution or way round it...

and there are whispers out there supposedly of ebay reviewing your account after 1 full year and maybe letting you get back to trading as your DSR's reset to neutral...wonder if that is any bit true?
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    If there are more than a handful of users complaining and affecting your DSR, the problem is usually not the buyers reading, it is your copy. I say this as an experienced Platinum PowerSeller.
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    Wow, I haven't been selling on Ebay for a while but is that true now? A seller can't leave any bad (or any?) feedback anymore?
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    ugh i cannot stand feebay. I only use them to buy anymore.
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    Double Wow,

    I guess that can keep the sellers more on the up and up but can also lead to abuse from buyers or competitors.

    There can be alot of pros and cons to this method.
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    Well, Good Luck to you, I hope you find an alternative!

    I just looked and it appears theres not much going on in Glasgow with Craigslist.

    Not that it's anywhere's near as secure or big as Ebay but thought maybe it was somewhere to look into, in the meantime while finding something else.

    Adding: maybe a lack of things on Craigslist is a plus to get something going, less competition.
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    Have you tried Amazon? Honestly we get customers like that every so often, you just have to take a loss on those customers and do whatever you have to do to keep them happy. I would take a $50-100 loss on a customer just to keep away a negative feedback.
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    Also if you have shopping feeds thats another avenue.
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    I am a former seller of ebay. I was not closed down but have left on my own. The main reason for me was I was not making a profit on their anymore. Why because their were more dishonest buyers then ebay will admit. I would sell a product and then the customer would return a different product and ask for a refund. Paypal/ebay protect tbe buyers but not the sellers.

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