Article Writers Rates - What's a Fair Price?

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I'm considering supplementing my early attempts at IM/AM by offering to write articles for a fee.

In order to check what the going rate is, I had a look over on the Digitalpoint forums. I was surprised to see that there are a huge amount of offers to write articles for 1 cent a word, or even less. This seems to be an extraordinarily low amount. I can't see how anyone can scrape together a living on this.

It also occurs to me that the old cliche possibly applies here. You get what you pay for.

I'd like to throw open the discussion to both sides of the equation here. If you are both buying articles from freelancers, or writing articles for others, is this a reasonable rate?

What are your thoughts?
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  • Profile picture of the author Vince Runza Online
    I charged 5 cents per word for articles. I'm retired from that business now, but I may take an assignment for $5 per word!
    • Profile picture of the author ripsnorta2
      Hi Vince, thanks for replying.

      To me 5 cents sounds more reasonable, but didn't you constantly get undercut? Or did you provide the quality necessary to overcome that?

      I did some freelance programming years ago, or tried to anyway. I always quoted what I thought were reasonable if low rates, and still always got beaten to the punch by undercutters. One potential client even told me that he was sorry about giving it to the other guy -- a $2500 job lost to a guy quoting $150 -- and thought that he'd probably get what he paid for anyway. :rolleyes:
    • Profile picture of the author Tirmizi
      3 to 8 $ seems fair depending on the niche and word count off course .... all should pass copyscape and duplicate content test off course

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