ARHG, Need help with excel - My head hurts! :(

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Im having one of those momment when everything is in my head and its blocking my logical thinking!

I dont know if im doing it right, if i doing it the best way, im just stuck!

Ok, here is where I need help...

im going to be promoting cpa via PPC. So, i need to track every keyword. All that is taken care of....i will be using tracking code for sub IDs

so it will read...subid=a2b2

which means

So my sale (subid=a2b8) came from
Google>Camera Website>Camera Lens 1>Camera lens 1 info

- The keyword -in this case camera lens 1 info - is the keyword ill be bidding on. thats sorted.


Im trying to make an excel sheet....(excel? or access? or something else?) to organise all my codes and keywords

Ive attached the excel file....which is what im trying to acomplish....again, Is this the best way to do what im trying to do?

- Obvioulsy each drop down list will determin the choices in the next drop down list

I have no idea how to code this thing or the formulas need.....and im quite good at excel

again, Is this the best way to do what im trying to do? haha

Thank you

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    Instead of doing anything fancy with dropdowns, try going with a nice low-tech matrix.

    List your keywords in a column and the source, campaign, sub campaigns and keyword number as headings. You should be able to copy down most cells to fill in the blanks, and then make a simple formula like 1&2&3&4= to get your subid.

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