The Easiest WP AutoBlogger Ever, And It's Totally FREE!

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Hey Gang,

I've noticed a trend here in recent weeks on interest in Auto-Blogging.

I'd like to share with you a little known FREE, script I have been testing
out over the past few weeks and have fallen in love with.

This has to be the easiest install ever, you simply upload the file into
your WP Plugins folder and that's it

The script was designed by a Medical Doctor in India by the name of
Satheesh and is called YAAB, (Yet Another Autoblogger):

Yet Another Autoblogger (YAAB) For Wordpress

Comparing to other autoblogger plugins, YAAB has/can

1. Convert each rss item to separate blog entries (MODE : DUPLICATE)

2. Create an automatic blogging carnival in your blog using rss feeds.
Summaries of entries from different blogs will be published in to single

3. You can post blog using SMS. Detailed tutorials will be published

4. You can run a automatic youtube clone website by automatically
embedding youtube videos in your posts. (MODE : YOUTUBE CLONING)

5. Built in cron jobs. No need to use external or servers cron jobs.
(many servers do not allow cron jobs)

6. No need of curl extension in server.

7. No need to install external rss classes like simplepie. Yaab uses
magpie that is built in with wordpress.

8. Interactive interface where you will never get confused.

9. Update alert at plugin dashboard.

10. Free and GPLv3

This script is extremely versatile and easy to use.

If you have WP blogs sitting around collecting digital dust, give this
little gem a whirl, you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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    He's even got a warrior thread in linked in his comments section:
  • Profile picture of the author menj
    Looks good but does it work with WP 2.7? Some of the Autoblogger plugins I've seen work only with 2.5 and below.
  • Profile picture of the author Keith Kogane
    If it did the replace/relink that WPOM does, I'd switch. Alas, that one key ingredient is vital to my method, so for now, I stick with WPOM.

    However, if they add that feature, I'd change sides in a second. I'm not married to any of the plugins I use or mention. I use the cheapest and easiest combo that will get me where I want to go.
  • Profile picture of the author cypherslock
    My question here is how do you consistently get fresh content that isn't directly copied? Is there a plugin for that?
  • Profile picture of the author Scot Standke
    You can add your own 'fresh' content above and beyond
    what these scripts pull in.

    "Duplicate Content" is a myth, IMO.

    My blogs work and get PR so there must be something to it.

    As long as they look nice and provide real value to the end
    user, Google should not have an issue with it.

  • Profile picture of the author cypherslock
    ok so what would be recommmended to get the content?
  • Profile picture of the author michaelmac
    Great stuff Scot, i was looking for an alternative to WP-O-Matic...just downloaded!

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  • Profile picture of the author TLTheLiberator
    Just another super tip from a fellow WF member.


  • Profile picture of the author menj
    Thanks for the answers, I will download the plugin and try it out
  • Profile picture of the author Scot Standke
    Hi Satheesh,

    Welcome to the Warrior Forum, I see you found the post

    Great script and the fact that you are continually developing it
    is terrific news.

    I have some suggestions you may want to add if you are interested,
    please PM me when you get a moment.

  • Profile picture of the author Keith Kogane
    Satheesh - thanks for clarifying - the earlier versions of the plugin that I used did not have that feature (or at least I couldn't figure how to use them) - I will make some time very soon to look at this plugin and try it out. If it does what you say, I will probably almost certainly switch over to using it.
  • Profile picture of the author Noel2010
    I will check the tutorial since I have no clue. And as with all these plug-ins, they cannot be used on the free blogs?
  • Profile picture of the author IMChick
    Thank you so much for the tutorial. It's very helpful!
  • Profile picture of the author sena2gurl
    into auto there any plugin/script for will be interesting though
  • Profile picture of the author pyrmontvillage
    Great Plugin Satheesh, Can't wait to see, what form it takes in a few months.

    Thank You for all your work.
  • Profile picture of the author australianrealestate
    Thanks to both Satheesh and also Scott. I like Scotts take on the idea of using the automated stuff and adding extra real content in strategic ways. I totally get that and do the same.
  • Profile picture of the author Ephrils
    Downloaded, and I'll check it out WP blogs, so far, seem to generate hits by themselves still. I'm not gonna ignore something that will make my life easier.
  • Profile picture of the author SoEasyMoney
    Since I'm new to blogging this post is really interesting. Could someone tell me the advantages/disadvantages to auto blogging. Except, of course, the obvious--writing the content yourself---who has time to do that any more?

    Also, I've ready some on here about Yahoo pipes. Anyone care to explain that one?
  • Profile picture of the author Swine43
    Thanks for sharing this info!

    Cheers, Mikko.

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