How can I create a picture "URL"?

by Ian Jackson 12 replies
Please... just wondered if there's anyone who could let me know some html code? I have a picture I've edited into a table, and now I'd like to make it into a URL? (I use dreamweaver 8)

Many thanks
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    Hi Ian Jackson...

    1) You would have to upload your picture to your server via FTP...keep in mind the directory where the image is located.

    i.e. you upload your image to

    2) Once that's done, your URL would be: (where PICTURE.jpg is the name of your image file...this URL example is based on the directory example in Step 1 above)

    3) To put the image into the website, you would need to use this code:

    <img src=""></img>

    exactly the way it is....

    4) If you would like to make your image a clickable link, you would do it like this...

    <a href=""><img src=""></img></a>

    where is the page where you would like the visitor to go to once they click on the image.

    Don't forget to copy the code exactly the way it is or it will mess things up.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, Pavon. I needed that, too!

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    I appreciate your post as I also found your info helpful
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      Thanks Pavon...
      Yes, I'm looking at sending people to my page2 from the picture (bit like the "new thread" etc. icons on the WF pages) in essence I think that's fine, but I need to iron out a trojan glitch that my McAfee keeps throwing up. I've nothing uploaded yet; just working from "save as" & F12 key.
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    Making a picture "url" is done by uploading somewhere. Best place is , because you don't even need to register to upload a picture and its mega fast and simple and you get all types of codes you need ( direct link, links for forums, html code links etc )
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      This is by FAR the best and easiest answer! Thank you sooo much for saving me from pulling my hair, elevated bloodpressure and imminent heart attack!!! I was so frustrated in trying to figure this out. Imageshack is my new friend.

      Everything is easy once you know it
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        Agree with Pavon. Ii is also good to add: border=0
        in the img tag

        ex. <img src=http://xxxx border=0>

        so you don't have a blue border around it.

        That's what I do.
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    you can use wordpress to do that it will be hosted free
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    David Oriol
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      Sorry to hijack the thread but I'd like to ask a kind of related question.

      How do you make an image on libreoffice into a link to a webpage?
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    Enclose the image with an href.


    <a href= border=0><img src=URLToImage border=0></a>

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    HTML Cheat Sheet - A Simple Guide to HTML

    might help


    is an oldie but some aspects of website design.... never change.

    Hope that helps!
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