What is The Best Alternative to Gmail?

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Hi, all,

l am thinking about getting a new email account?

I already have a Gmail account and after hearing about the nightmares others have had with their Youtube channel and their Gmail account l think that it is best to get another account which is the next best thing to Gmail.

This account is purely for business, so ease of access, etc like Gmail would be great, just not sure which account is almost as good as Gmail.

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    As Gmail is a product of Google.....and Google is the king... I think there is no substitute for Gmail in my opinion otherwise Yahoo is also good choice.
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    I've had a yahoo email account for years now and never had
    a problem.
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    I first started with Gmail, switched over to Yahoo. Now I'm back to Gmail again. I still prefer Gmail for its simplistic interface. Its easier to manage your preferences and settings in Gmail as compared to Yahoo.

    To add on, Gmail also allows you to manage email addresses under your .com domain
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    Yahoo is okay especially now because they're deleting all the accounts which are not in use. I've been using Gmail and Yahoo for a long time and had no issue with them

    Never a hotmail - cause they're lots of spam

    Hope this help

    God Bless,
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    I agree with the previous post about hotmail.

    I once had a hotmail account but stopped using it
    because the spam was out of control.

    That was 2 years ago....so to be fair, hotmail could
    be alot better now then it was before.
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    Too tell the truth, I have never have any severe problem with Gmail account. At least, it was not like the joke service at yahoo and hotmail. Gmail has been really awesome all this while, and it is free :-)

    What kind of problem you have with them?
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    While I myself prefer Gmail, hotmail and AOL are decent alternatives. You could also just register a domain and use that as your email, provided of course you have hosting.
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    Gmail is the way to go; I personally do not see any alternative. Yahoo, Hotmail, are all bloatware, and the spam filters are execrable. Plus, Gmail is native on Android; I couldn't do without it.
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    The new yahoo is pretty decent, but there is no acceptable substitute to Google in my opinion.
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    If ignore Gmail, i believe you only can go with Yahoo-mail. While Hotmail is even worst that always facing of being hack and spam with virus email and keep request you to change the passwords frequently.
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    I have more GMail accounts than I can keep track of. I literally use a spread sheet. (It's important for me to organize my business and clients)

    Here's how to handle at least 4 GMail accounts at the same time with no hassle:

    Simply install 4 browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Saffari). You can put your most used GMail account on your favorite browser. But, each browser is "dedicated" to a certain account.

    Simply click on IE and check that adsense or youtube or mail, then click on Chrome to check the next adsense, youtube, mail, etc.

    You'll stay logged in for each browser and have no problems.

    Oh. and as much as I hate to be a slave to Google.... i don't think any other email even comes close. Unless you like looking at Viagra and Dating site ads whenever you check your mail.
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    AOL is okay. Has many of the same features. But nothing can compare to gmail IMO.
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    I'm using Yahoo since 1998...
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    Hotmail & yahoo work fine for me.
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    I also have accounts on yahoo, hotmail and gmail as well but problem is hotmail gets hack easily so i will refer you to go with yahoo.
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    I use mail.com as the secondary mail service.
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    Yahoo is OK, but Gmail is still king!
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    What problems are you referring to exactly? Are you having a bad experience with Gmail or are you purely going by what others have said? I've been with Gmail for years now, I've never had any problems with it. I think it's pretty superior to its competitors.
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    You asked for alternatives, right?

    Try ymail, lycos, etc. they have the same interface and services like Gmail.

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