S**tty video & Camtasia (grrr...)

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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with Camtasia Studio.

I have an 1.6 MB AVI and a 1.1 MB MP3.
When I combine both in Camtasia Studio (version 4), I get a SWF that is 16.5 MB!!!

I use the following parameters:

* Video:
- Color: 16-Bit
- Frame rate: 5
- JPG compression: 50% (I get approximately the same result with 30%)
- Dimension: 640x366 pixels (original size)

* Audio:
- MP3
- 11.025 kHz, Mono, 16kBits/s

What do I do wrong?
Why this HUGE weight?

I'd be very happy if a better-than-Didier Camtasia user can helps me.

Thank you.

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    Nobody :confused:
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      Hi Didier,

      I'm learning camtasia and I've literally been reading Camtasia Studio 4 The Definitive Guide - about an hour ago.

      But I don't know the answer.

      I reckon Josh Anderson would know it in a snap.

      And there's a camtasia guru I found on the old forum called 'Lon Naylor' - look for his websites on google - I believe they have lots of free advice on them.

      I presume you know this page (for V5)

      Video Tutorials for Camtasia Studio 5

      I'll have a look in my book to see if I can find the answer as this will help me anyway.

      Edit - Hi again Didier,

      Nah. After 5 minutes reading I can tell you that I can't help you. You need a pro. This stuff will take me a few sittings to digest. Sorry I can't help but I hope someone who can passes by. If it was me, in the meantime I would hammer google looking for others who have faced the same problem.

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