The top-earning Amazon affiliates!

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So we all know that adsense has created millionaires but what about amazon?
Anybody know some of the top-earning amazuon affiliates? Would be interesting to here what the best of the best are able to archive!

In my country you need 30001+ (about 10 times more than in the us :/ ) sales a month to get 9% commission! If anybody i able to get to this level this person should be able to make atleast $50000 per month!
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    For Amazon or eBay affiliates it is very difficult to earn "thousands" in commissions, let alone millions. I get a kick out of people trying to sell an ebook where they claim their Amazon affiliate check was for $45,856 for the last month. Right? A check like that means they would have had to sold over $400,000 in product. Amazon review sites? People forget there is no need to put them up because Amazon already provides the reviews. Insanity. let me know when someone makes that claim because receiving a million dollars in commission would probably mean affiliate sales of over 10 million dollars.
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    Paula & Wanda, Jan Roos & Dan Brock. Check these people out.
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    Paula & Wanda ,really they are making good money with amazon,and their blog is worth reading
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    It would be interesting to know what the top earners are making. I imagine they must be earning thousands per day because if you have the volume of traffic and the organzation its possible.
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    It only takes a few successful affiliate sites before you can understand that almost any amount of money is possible.

    That $30k/mo check is what I would consider a good place to be after 2 years of hard work and really knowing what you're doing. Don't forget, this is a competitive business and the smartest and hardest working people are going to be the ones making that kind of money. The really big fish aren't on here posting all the time and talking about how to do what they do
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    It's impossible to earn thousands in commissions on Amazon? I must be seeing a mirage in my account. :p

    I actually doubt that very many people make any substantial amount on Amazon, but it's certainly possible. The reason I doubt it is because it takes way more effort that I think most are willing to put in. It takes more than I thought it would, anyway.

    I can see how the business model myob describes would work awesome, but I think that goes a bit beyond "internet" marketing. :p
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    it would be nice to earn a million a month but cmon don't be greedy.. lol .. for me if I make any money online that would be nice, I am working on an amazon huge review site and would like to earn a million a DAY! haha but if I make 1000$ extra a month I would be more than happy but that is not my goal, my goal is to make as much as I can and provide unique content and valuable reviews.. I am not a Saint who just wants to provide good content to people but

    1) I hate it when I go to a site ranking on the first page and it has rubbish information, its a waste of my time

    2) I can sleep at night if I know my business is built on hard work and not scraping and auto blogging which I might lose this business any day, ofcourse you can lose any business at anytime even if you put hard work but the odds are more if u r just scrapping content or providing rubbish content and just filling keywords..

    The reason why I am saying this because I used to be greedy and want to make 50k a month , you won't make 50k a month easily and I am not drying to discourage people but if you keep working you might make way more... don't let the millions stop you from having an idea that can give you extra cash

    Always compare whatever idea with any job, how much you make a month 4000$ ? 6000$ ? will you make millions from this kind of job? so you better start working on an idea and stick with it so you might make them 20k
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    Getting a huge revenue from Amazon probably requires using some ideas from the Amazon "You will not..." list (myob's offline marketing, as I see it, falls under points no 14 and 18).
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    To name a few...Jan Roos, Dan Brock, Paula & Wanda, Chris Guthrie, Darren Rowse, and tons of others. Not to mention all of the people (myself included) making anywhere from $500-5,000 each month. Making a full time living from Amazon is realistic, and in my opinion not any harder than other forms of IM. Making supplemental income from Amazon is not hard at all....but why stop there when you could make so much more?
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    There are definitely guys out there making a nice living from Amazon. I'm not sure if they are reaching the millionaire status, but they are making well over 6 figures.

    I've seen what having just one winning Amazon site can do and what it can earn (especially at this time of year), so when you consider some guys have built a little 100 site empire, they will definitely be making a decent income from that.
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    I am not a "Top Earner" buy Amazon has paid for my ride, a Jaguar. Also In 7 years of floundering in IM, it is the first solid profit and income I have generated. In 7 months and 20 sites, I have reached a "one man show" saturation point and am putting together a process model for outsourcing now that I finally have something that works. Time to roll it out and up.

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    I think there are people but I don't know who they are. For sure they just play secretly.
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    I've never heard of Alex Shelton but 50k month doesn't too bad at all...
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    I once worked with someone pulling in well over $100k/month through Amazon Associates. Did some SEO for them at the time, had us fully booked for almost 3 months haha. But yeah there are definitely people out there doing big numbers.

    Myself I have a few sites converting at over 20% (on click-throughs), but the commissions are like $1 per sale. Not that many sites, but a good side income nonetheless. Takes a while to get things going (waiting for payouts, rankings, etc).
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    The cool thing is everyone making a killing from Amazon (or any for of IM) will tell you that the first $100/month is the hardest. You just have to figure out what works and keep doing it, tweaking along the way. For me, the hardest part by far is getting sites ranked. So I outsource this. The trick is finding the best third parties to do this for you...
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    Rarely comment here now as I'm really busy with lots, but there are plenty of high 6-7 figure amazon earners if you look around.

    About, Inc. Own who are affiliates of the amazon program. I'm sure they are earning a pretty penny

    Gratz on bumping a 2 year old thread by the way!
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    Never able to make much from Amazon. Maybe wrong approach. Prefer bigger ticket, recurring commission affiliate program
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    I don't think people who succeed with amazon will go to the surface and say "I'm successful with Amazon... making millions with them"..

    I think what they will do is silently grow their business, not much sharing. They don't need to do it, but we need it.

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