This is How The Big Boys Make Millions Online

by Ed Micah 66 replies
Newbies, follow this guide and I guaranteed you will succeed very soon!

1. Research, create, write up an info product of the market that you're interested in. Make it an useful, awesome, high quality product by giving loads and loads of quality information in the product.

2. Create a sales page and price the info product around $7-$27 (ALWAYS over delivery the product for what it's worth!) Sign up with a affiliate program that provides 100% commissions(example, DigiResults — Work Less, Sell More).

3. Now, try to find JV's and network with people in the same niche especially affiliate marketing forums, and/or niche communities to promote the product for you.

4. Once people purchase your product, send them to a squeezepage that captures their emails in order to download.

By doing this, it allows you to build up a huge highly targeted buyers' list for free! It's free, so anyone can do this even if you're broke. Studies shows that, you will get more people to optin when giving out free gifts, however, there are 2 issues with that:

- Traffic only comes when you drives it yourself!
- You attract freebie seekers who will unlikely to spend a dollar on you!

BUT, the art of this method is that your affiliates are doing all the hard works to make sales and most importantly building up YOUR buyers' list while you do nothing, literally. A buyer is better than 1000 freebie seekers, because they have bought something already, where the freebie seekers are just after the freebies, after all!

So, How is the cash really coming in?

After you've done everything above, now your ready to start banking big big money by creating another higher quality, more expensive product and upsell it to your buyers/customers after they buy your first product. Remember, don't set commissions to this one, because you will make a bank with this and the best of all, it's completely automated so you have to do anything!

For example.
Let's say your if affiliates are sending you 2,000 sales per month and out of those sales you are only able to achieve 10% of the buyers to buy your second product. Let's assume that your second product costs $47.

10% of 2,000 sales would equal that you make 200 sales with your second product, and 200 x $47 = $9400!

Note - You are making $9400 on complete autopilot. All else you would need to handle is the customer services part and you could easily outsource that.

Now let's see some bigger numbers - what would happen if your affiliates are sending you 3,000 sales and you get 20% of them to buy your second product?

600 x $47= $28200

That's a solid income of $28200 sent to you while you pretty much do nothing. How much do you think you could make if you decided RINSE & REPEAT this exactly same strategy across all of other niches?

Do you now see what the big boys are doing now? LEARN what they DO, not what they SAY!

Often people think it is hard and difficult to make money online, that's mainly because people are spending too much time on doing the wrong things. Simply create several high quality products, look for some JV's & affiliates, set up a sales funnel(*important*), and you'll be making bank real soon!

What if I don't know how to create products?

Simple. Just choose a niche, research a topic, take what you have learnt, and turn it into a product. That's all it takes.

If you still don't see the huge huge potential in this strategy, then you should consider quit IM and find a REAL JOB? This strategy could easily make you tens and hundreds of thousand dollars if not millions.


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    Cool and informative post, thanks.

    Where in the process are you finding yourself these days? Have you created any products?
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    Yep, you have nailed it.

    If you are interested in seeing a Warrior exercise this strategy, keep an eye for the WSO's offered by Charles Kirkland.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Great post, thanks!

    I would also say that we can get some additional traffic from social sites and PPC traffic.
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    Originally Posted by bowerboy View Post

    Hmmmm...the numbers look great but the reality could be different from what I am seeing of conversion statistics in the online marketing world....not mine but anecdotal evidence from posts on the various threads...

    2 examples:

    1. Post today about mailing to a list of 10,000 peoplke with a total of 12 buyers...conversion rate of a little over 1/10th on 1 percent.

    2. Guy yesterday posting about his inspirational (in my view) dietlunchbox...amazing site with incredibly powerful testimonials and endorsements...a first class site...but only making $40K per year...check out the quality of the site the endorsements.

    I am just saying...keep it real.

    Those numbers were just example figures.

    Conversion rates can certainly vary due to a lot of factors - but the point of the strategy is to create several products, and set up a nice sales funnel in order to achieve a certain level of automated income.
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    good intsruction dude... keep it up!
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    Ed Micah, why did you waste your time for this thread?


    1. I need a high quality product.
    2. I need to find Affiliates.
    3. I need to build a list.
    4. I need to take strong and accurate decisions.
    5. It requires honest dedication and courage.
    6. Every thing takes some time.

    We’re looking for threads like this……

    This is How The Newbie Make Millions Overnight!! !

    Does anybody think like above? 6,21,3,11................

    • Profile picture of the author williamrs
      Originally Posted by sscot View Post

      Ed Micah, why did you waste your time for this thread?


      1. I need a high quality product.
      2. I need to find Affiliates.
      3. I need to build a list.
      4. I need to take strong and accurate decisions.
      5. It requires honest dedication and courage.
      6. Every thing takes some time.

      We’re looking for threads like this……

      This is How The Newbie Make Millions Overnight!! !

      Does anybody think like above? 6,21,3,11................
      So true... People are always looking for this type of information and, therefore, end up being scammed and never make a dime online.

      What Ed posted is not a new method or a hidden system, but it's what many people have been doing to make real money for several years.

      Of course, this industry is dynamic and many things change constantly, but the essence of what works and what doesn't, what actually turns traffic into money remains the same.

      Most beginners are always trying to learn killer methods and end up forgetting about the main concepts... most people forget the marketing aspect of the thing. Having a proven process and good marketing skills is essential to build a successful online business, so people should put more effrot into learning these things and forget about the "super ninja tactics" for a a while.

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    It's a slick idea alright but it seems like everyone at DigiResults is in the MMO/IM niche. What if you're in more obscure niches? Those only seem to be around on ClickBank (which maxes out at 75%).

    Promote my ClickBank Product - The Gut Health Solution - 75% Commissions. Converts 1-2% on PPC traffic. Acid Reflux, Heartburn and Digestive Distress Remedy from a Legit Doctor!.

    • Profile picture of the author tenaciouscreations
      The principles of this advice are sound. However I do agree with the other posters that conversion rates will vary depending on a myriad of factors.

      Using Clickbank or Digiresults will attract a number of affiliates however the quality of those affiliates is debatable. I prefer to screen my affiliates so that I can control who promotes my products. Doing this allows me to ensure I only have high quality people promoting my products. It also allows me to provide one on one support for these affiliates to maximize their sales. By helping them earn more from my products I am essentially helping myself earn more.

      Just my thoughts,

      Not enough hours in the day? Can't seem to stay focused? We can help.Check us out!

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    Cool information, Thanks Ed

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