Clickbank Ranking Secrets

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Hey Warriors,

I'm just wondering what tactics others have done / used to get their
products ranked highly in the clickbank marketplace.

My understanding is the 2 biggest factors are:

1. Number of sales made by yourself

2. % of sales made by affiliates

I have heard some talk about "rotating multiple 'affiliate links' via a PHP
script (is this legal and allowed?) to boost the %referred figure.

Any insights appreciated.

-Cory Friedman
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    Their formula should really just count sales- why does it matter what % are by affiliates?
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      It's often easier for the product creator to sell the product than it would be for affiliates. For instance, I can afford to pay more for clicks because I'm getting full price (minus CB's %) whereas an affiliate might be getting only 50%. Or I might have sold my own product to my list that I've cultivated for quite some time, etc.

      If I see a low refd%, I will have to consider that the product might not do well via "standard" affiliate marketing strategies.

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      Originally Posted by Jelasco View Post

      Their formula should really just count sales- why does it matter what % are by affiliates?
      Affiliates like to know if other affiliates are making a significant contribution to the sales or if the product creator is somehow driving the sales through means not available to affiliates. It's about whether it's worth the potential affiliate's time to market the product based on whether other affiliates are making money with it.
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      from what i know your rank goes up, besides the number of sales, as you get more affiliates..thus clickbank is considering that to be a popular product.
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    Originally Posted by Cory Friedman View Post

    I have heard some talk about "rotating multiple 'affiliate links' via a PHP
    script (is this legal and allowed?) to boost the %referred figure.

    -Cory Friedman
    Don't know if it is legal but it is definitely done. I can't remember where I read it but I have heard that the publisher's other products are all factored into the ranking system as well (if a publisher is promoting 4 products, then it would mean that the products he is pushing are all getting a little bump making it a case of the rich getting richer.)

    I am not sure if that is true either as I haven't dealt with clickbank as a publisher but if it is, it explains why certain people's stuff always manages to stay on top.

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