A Question for the Successful: Are You Self Taught, Schooled or Have a Mentor?

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Sometimes in the Internet Marketing world I feel like an alien, and outsider. Like I am trying to adapt to the culture and just can't get it. Like there is some secret club or secret technique that some people know and I don't.

For example...for those of you who would call yourself "successful Internet marketers" or "web developers" or whatever, were you self-taught, university taught or did you work with a mentor?

I'm just trying to find a good educational resource for myself in this business, I want to learn but I feel like instead of learning I end up wasting time and going in the wrong direction...

Resources, recommendations appreciated!
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    Fortunately I have had some great mentors and teachers along the way.

    Without the opportunity to create a product, ie "Big Mike, and our coach "Ken Leatherman, Dave and I might have never hooked up.

    This wonderful opportunity afforded us the opportunity to become a great team.

    I think that if you keep your eyes and ears open for an opportunity to work with someone the opportunity will arise.

    It can sometimes be hard to break into a group and become "trusted" but true intentions will be noticed. Plus the alien feeling will start to subside.

    I still have moments when I think, geez, I took a bath this morning, why is no one coming near me.

    Try putting yourself out there, there in no harm in rejection, just keep trying


    Talk to you soon

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    One thing to remember is that marketing is continuing education for all levels of marketers.

    Regardless of what a marketers status or level is, there will always be more to learn, its just the nature because things are constantly changing.

    However there are some core concepts to marketing that will never change, and that is the psycology of marketing and how it relates to human behavior of influence and persuaion.

    Frank Bruno

    P.S - I was self taught starting in 1997
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      Frank is right.

      In my niche, I use the phrase "Times Change - Rules Change" because things are changing all the time.

      Mentors and classes are great for theory and learning basics, but as things change, it's important to stay up with your industry and continue learning on your own or with someone's help...every day.

      If you do have a mentor in a certain niche, I would make sure that they too are staying on top of things in the niche...not just teaching the same things they've taught for years (unless it's a never-changing niche, of course).

      Allen Graves

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