Thinking Out Loud...WSO's/Products Being Shared Illegally...

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    I think it's a great idea, Mike. There would have to be a reporting mechanism in place for sure, although it would take some time to double check those before posting or whatever you did.

    I know when I come across products being shared/sold illegally, I try to contact the creator to let them know.
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    Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

    I know we all do our own thing, but I thought it might be nice to document strategies and the process to give away to members.
    In general, I think trying to fight pirates is a waste of time.

    However, if you are going to do it anyway, something that saves some of the time you were going to waste is a Good Thing. While I'd personally prefer that you invest none of your time in this, the decision of how to deal with it in your business is after all your own, and anything that can reduce the amount of time you invest in it can only benefit you and your customers.

    So you've got my support.
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    Sounds interesting. Might be interested. Want to tell you though that it is very easy to get your products off of Fiverr. I've done it several times. Just use the contact link and tell them the gig and offer proof that the product is yours. They normally take it down right away.
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    A lot of the processes you need to happen here can be automated. That is why I think it a good thing that you are involved in the process.

    There are two sides to it:
    1. People selling our stuff; and
    2. People giving our stuff away.

    If sellers put their product info into a secure database, a cron scan of File Sharing sites could reveal a lot of the products that we are trying to protect.

    All we need to do is identify the product in the database, identify it on the file sharing sites / fiverr type sites, then automate delivery of take down notices.

    Even if there was a fee for this, I'd be interested, so long as it was not a huge fee.
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    Wow, I could understand selling a service "using" your tools, but selling the tools themselves.

    I've taken advantage of enough of your holiday sales in the past to know that the buyer could buy the product legitimately for not much more...
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    Mike, sounds awesome. I am in.
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    There is a great automated DMCA WSO product that I bought that makes it a snap to send out DMCAs with one click.
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    For as much as I believe in planning, I almost hate to admit this--but, this is the dark side of product creation that I was utterly unprepared for. On one hand, I've been taking the unauthorized wide dissemination of our product as a bit of a complement--I mean, doesn't the fact that people are willing to SHARE it mean that it's valuable, at least to some degree?

    Even still, I'm a bit tired of fighting a fight against this that I don't have the time or energy to fight.
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    Sounds like Carl has already done what you had in mind:

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    Both of the products mentioned above
    are a nice start but there's still too
    much hands-on for my liking (especially
    with a monthly fee attached).

    I think Bill is on the right track with
    something that can handle this with an
    automated system.

    1. You enter your product and business

    2. The system locates shared files

    3. The system sends out the appropriate

    I'd think Big Mike's crack programming
    team could put that together with
    ease - and I'd probably be happy to
    pay for the service (amazing no one
    offers this already).

    It might still require a pair of human
    eye balls but this is something that
    could be outsourced very reasonably.

    I agree with CD - this isn't worth *my*
    time but we should all do what we
    can to protect our products for the
    good of our business AND our customers.

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    I do think there are things that can be done to mitigate the sharing of such things. It will never be stopped, but we could up the pressure a whole lot.

    Of course, I am all for automation as well, but I think one of the bigger aspects of this is going to need to be the "show of solidarity" from IMers.

    When these sites get one or two notices from a few people, they may comply, but they don't take it too seriously.

    If however we were more organized with our efforts, we could put more pressure on the folks that run these sites.

    Also, along the same lines there would need to be some serious effort into removing as many of these files as possible from each site even when some of the product owners are not "on board" with this project.

    I am thinking its not going to do a whole lot of good if 10 of us got together to keep our stuff off of a few sites, but there are still hundreds of products being illegal shared that are never challenged from the same site.

    It is a huge problem, and one that can't truly be solved, but I do think a serious dent could be made with automation and a sense of solidarity.
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    well its the internet and unfortunately you cant have a product without getting it shared by someone. If you can download movies and games, a wso isnt much
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    Another thought just came to mind.

    I think it might be worth the effort to try to get some higher profile coverage of someone getting sued for engaging in this behavior.

    Just like with image thefts, we all know you should not do it, but what prevents the majority of people from doing it is the publicized incidents of 10k lawsuits being filled.

    I see this problem a little like the issue of terrorism, you will never be able to stop it, but if you keep dropping bombs on the perpetrators it is a determent. Being proactive also make it much harder for people to organize such sites.

    without organization, even if someone does share your product, it will likely be with far less people.
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    For PDFs I can remember seeing some software that you can use to ensure that your documents can not be copied and resold.

    All I can remember is it was a big name marketer from Vancouver Canada, I think who was selling it.

    It was uncrackable and basically authorised the use of a document for a specific computer, so if someone wanted to open it on a computer other than the one it was originally purchased and opened on, it sent a message and invoice to the person that has the illegal copy to purchase a copy. If they don't, the file will not open.

    Can't remember what it's called but it looked good.
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    it is the best to nip the problem in the bud.
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    Seems like a lot of effort to go out of your way to step on the cockroches. They can't keep up with me anyway, so what do I care if they steal my old stuff and feed off the crumbs that are left?

    But yeah, as I'm sure you're aware Big Mike you can "Harden the Target" so that they go looking for easier carrion to feed off and leave your stuff alone.
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    It's a real bad problem.

    But I do not see an end to it.

    Most companies when pricing their products put in a certain amount for loses due to theft.

    Even if you build a scraper that finds these products being shared.... what about torrents. Good luck with stopping those.

    The music industry with all it's unity and all of it's billions of dollars has not been able to stop piracy, what makes you think our industry can.

    The software industry had its shot at it. Remember dongles and protected software. It was broken back then and it still is being broken now. Software industry just gave in.
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    I to have seen people on fiverr selling WSO's cheap. Not sure how to get this practice stopped.
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    I think me and OP are in the same boat, I am lucky I came across this thread, looks like this guy on Fiverr is really selling a multitude of products.

    Here is my rant on him...

    I will look through this thread and cross my fingers hoping to see a brilliant idea!

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