Quickest Way to Raise $10,000!? Do Read PLEASE!

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I'm not some newbie looking for the speediest easiest and laziest way to make loads of money. I own websites, and they make money. But I need $10,000 to invest into a new website project I have.

The potential is huge and therefore I want to get it going ASAP.

Basically, I want to know from anyone what is the quickest way to earn $10,000.

I'm not lazy so methods that involve hard work are fine with me.

Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    phew, nowadays investing 10k in websites is huge... got to be a big project then.

    Fast way to make that kind of money: Offline consulting. If you know your stuff, you can put a big price tag on it.

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    JV section......
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    What do you mean JV section to earn $10k?
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    Originally Posted by Ron Hitson View Post

    If you're making money from you current projects, why not keep working hard on them and let that fund the new proposed venture.

    Someone might suggest you rob a bank.
    Because I live off what I make from my other projects. They earn just enough for me to live a comfortable life. Not extravagant nor scraping the barrel.

    I need another income source that can earn $10,000 quickly so I have it to spend.
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    If you have sites that are making some income, maybe conciser selling a few to re-invest in this more lucrative project
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    Launch a high quality WSO with a strong backend offer or do a normal launch to one or several of your sites/lists.
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    If you're in the US, simply go over to Prosper.com and get a low interest loan for $10k plus enough to make your monthly payments for at least a few months. If you're website has as much potential as you think, that's a way for you to prove it. If it's profitable, you should be able to pay back the loan in a decent amount of time. If not...well your idea wasn't all that great after all.
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    Option 1: Sell a stake(s) in your project. Use your current assets (your websites) as collateral (optional). Prepare a portfolio highlighting your online expertise and showing your Quarterly and Projected earnings from your current sites. Then, write up an investment proposal and sell investors on the potential ROI from the project you'll be working on. Put everything in writing and have your lawyer "cross the 'Ts, and dot the 'Is". I've done something similar to this before; you'd be surprised how many investors would want in - especially now in today's economy.

    Option 2: Go to a credit union. They are way friendlier than banks and more personal. I remember I once borrowed $3K with lousy credit, no business plan, and no clue. Today, you'll need to have a solid business plan and they may ask for a 10% or 20% security deposit. But that may work for you.

    Option 3: Everything else

    - Jay
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    Originally Posted by manicmethods View Post

    Basically, I want to know from anyone what is the quickest way to earn $10,000.
    Instead of asking this you'd be better saying "I will make $10,000 by a certain date"

    If you know what that date is you've a much better chance of getting there.

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    If you have software development skills etc, you could earn a whole lot doing freelancing work. People are paying a lot to people who can develop software, Facebook apps, Android apps as well as iPhone apps.

    If not, you could continue to work on your existing websites till they give you the kind of turnover you need to invest in your upcoming project.

    Or you could apply for a loan and seeing what happens. Otherwise, raising 10k investment money is not that easy.
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    Are you already making money online?
    If yes, that you can upscale that method to earn $10,000.
    Do you've something for affiliates? Then you can appoint a lot of affiliates to do work for you to upscale your earnings.

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    I guess OP is willing to raise funds without Borrowing or having a JV partner.I guess offline marketing is the one that will give you Money in such a short period of time.
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    Consider making some 5-page websites and sell them on flippa, or contact offline business owners and offer them the chance to have a website designed for them. Most of them don't have a website and have no idea of how to build one. So if you can present them with examples of your work, and some case studies... you could easily charge $2000 per client, plus recurring hosting fees. 5 clients and you're at your $10,000 mark.
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    Simple, go get some loan and put your assert at risk if you so believe in this project.

    Alternatively, you can do fund raising. There are several ways you can go about this just be creative and you will make a head way.
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    Try crowd-sourcing sites like Kickstarter and offer your project there or loan from Kiva.
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    It would help if you provided a time frame for needing the money. The term 'Quick' is relative. Assuming you have a few months, I suggest you get your lists in order. 10K in one swoop may be a little tough but you can work several streams with each stream generating a few grand.

    In this case you may want to stay away from making money online niches, as its better to be a big fish in a little pond when you need money fast. The only way I know of to generate 10K fast in one swoop, involves product launches and without knowing your time frame, you may not have the time to build the relationships necessary to generate the 5 figure paydays.
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    Flip your already making money website. If your site earns $1000/month you can flip it to $10,000 on flippa.
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    A good youtube video that pulls on the heart strings and is emotive will get you that money fast.

    It can go viral too, so if you do a good job, you would probably raise alot more than 10k

    just saying.

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