Are You Making This WSO Mistake

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Well, I'm not sure if anybody else feel this way. I personally don't buy any WSO that doesn't answer questions by prospect posted on the thread no matter how good the deal is.

You see, we want to deal with real, genuine people and we are concern about the after sales service as well. So, for those who are running WSO, please subscribe to your own thread and check often to assist or you might be losing a number of sales..IMHO.
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    Sometimes, sellers are busy. And the question could be explained in the FAQ page or in the WSO sales page already.

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      I definitely agree that a poster should answer any and all questions, but you need to give them ample time to answer those questions.

      I see this happening all the time, and people just do not realize or forget that people are living in different countries or different time zones.

      After a certain amount of time I would definitely get suspicious of what's up with the seller.

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      Yea it really makes a wso go sour in my mind if there is not a quick response to legitimate questions that have been posted in the wso thread.

      But time and time again you get excuses like "Oh sorry I did'nt get back to you sooner, I left town and unfortunately my laptop was at home too"


      "I just got back and now I'm responding to all questions"

      Back from where?

      If your running a wso you should take the responsibility to stand by and monitor your wso.

      I realize there could be small delays because of time zones, but to abandon questions, or your wso all together, is not a very good way to leave an impression or to run a business for that matter.

      Frank Bruno

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