5K to invest for 1K residual income. Options?

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Hey everyone. I'm looking to create an extra income on the side while I continue to work my regular 9-5. I have 5K to invest with the hopes of getting anywhere between 800 to 1K residual income per month.

What are my options? If you had 5k to invest, what would you guys do?

Not looking to become an overnight millionaire. Just looking for some extra money to supplement my current income. $800.00 - 1K is what I'm aiming for.

Let me know.

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    Create a digital product, like an ebook, video series, or membership site.
    Or, start a blog or forum, and buy 200 articles for $1000 ($5 each) and keep the other 4k.
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    trade silver options, with 5k you can control 10k's worth of silver, but it's not likely to bring in 1k a month, but is great to put cash into buildong longterm wealth. Or you can set up an awesome IM business with that money and then invest those profits in silver and gold
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    Say I start a blog, purchase 200 high quality articles. Now what? How do I monetize?
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    Are you saying I should just join Numis?
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    Go to flippa check domains which are making min $300 per month buy that domains at the price of below 2k.Spend another 500$ update the site with articles and do some SEO,If everything goes well you will be making $800 in 4 months.
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    I would buy an established site. 5k is enough for a site that makes 800-1000.

    Starting something from scratch could be a little risky if you don't have time to invest.
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    You're better off putting that $5K away until you have a plan. Throwing money at it won't get you there without a plan.

    You need to do some research, slow down, read the forum. See the different ways people here make money. Decide which one you would be interested in, then make a plan from there.

    You could buy an already established money making site somewhere like Flippa. You could also get badly burned if you aren't aware of the kinds of scams on Flippa.

    You could create your own product to sell.

    Then there's affiliate marketing, CPA, Adwords and on and on. There's really no end to the ways that people make money online. That's why doing the research and making a plan for yourself is so important. You could easily end up pissing away $5K and end up with nothing if you just purchase randomly without a plan.
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    hire some writers from odesk, guru, or freelancer to make some ebooks and sell it via kindle direct publishing
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    There are several good methods of establishing residual income online without purchasing anything. In my opinion, if you have a quality service that doesn't take long to complete, you can offer it at fiverr.com and get $4 every time someone orders it. Other options that have a low start-up fee but may require some additional investments would be MLM - such as Amway. I wouldn't recommend that unless you really are into networking and have time to dedicate aside from your 9-5 job.

    Try searching for more options, I find that blogs tend to provide the most in depth information on methods of making residual income. Look at some on here or check out mine at aboutinvestonomics.blogspot.com
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    lifeworthliving To make $1k residual you would need to make 1 sale with the system I use to make $1,720 per person. That is a little over the amount you want. Its a investment of $1,625 to get all in and you would also get a complete basic to advanced marketing education. PM me if you want to talk on the phone or through skype. You seem like a go getter that just needs the right system.
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    Buy some website with revenue and potential , manage it and keep it alive.

    Take a look in mine signature also for great deal.
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    How much work are you willing to put into your venture? The more you put in the more you will get out of it. Remember that if you purchase something you need to keep developing it or your ROI's will dwindle.
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    1. Find a profitable niche.

    2. Find the best product in this niche and see what's he's offering to buyers.

    3. Create a better product and sell it for less. make sure to make your money on your back end (sales funnel).

    4. Plan your launch. Start getting affiliates on board and make sure that there's something in it for THEM.

    5. Make Money.

    Obviously this is just the big picture, you'll have to learn a lot before going about creating your own product from scratch and getting affiliates on board.
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    5K is a lot of money. Think wisely before purchasing any kind of investment.
    For me, I would invest half of the money building an authority website OR buy an established site from flippa.

    There are no guarantee though- the time you plan on investing, you already risking your 5k.
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    If it's me. I'll go get some coaching with a trusted tutor to make money from this IM world
    try find someone that has a name and proofable, start from this forum
    No single word of certain in this world.. but maybe you can do much better and not get lost while learning something that has big risk
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    Thats a pretty good ROI you are looking to. You should find a good JV with a reputable warrior with previous experience.
    You will get a lot of money from that.
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    My advice, apart from hosting and domains, do NOT spend any money. The best thing you can do is learn for YOURSELF, FIRST. Sure, aim towards things which are outsourcable, but outsourcing things you don't understand and haven't tested yourself, is a bad idea!

    Having done IM for years, I can definitely say that methods I've found for FREE, work MUCH better than methods I've paid for, overall. Sure I've learned something from every method I've bought, but learned a lot more from free methods on this forum (here and the War Room).

    Once you've got a tested method which works, then spend money on upscaling. If you are very careful, you might be able to speed up your testing process by outsourcing some of it (for example, someone else here bought some WSO's and outsourced the work of actually testing them, to me), but be extremely careful to see that while you can outsource testing, you CANNOT buy success. The ONLY way you will know if a method works, is if you have tested it in practice yourself.


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