A/B Split Testing Problem

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I tried to do a split test using Google Optimizer. But the code made my original page look all jumbled together, changed the font size, moved pictures around, etc. The variation page looks fine though. Have you had any trouble with them and is there anything I can do to fix that?
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    Are you sure Google Website Optimizer is responsible? Like if you remove Google's code snippet, everything returns to normal? Put the code back it gets scrambled again?

    If so, check to make sure you don't have any conflicts with other code on your web page. Sometimes if you run more than one Javascript library (usually the ones that add tracking capabilities seem to be the most prevalent), they interfere with one-another and cause issues.

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      Yeah, when I take the code off everything goes back to normal. I do have Google Analytics installed so maybe that's the problem. Is there any way to keep both of them?

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