looking for real estate E-book to market

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Does anyone have any recommendations for some real estate E-books to market online? I am hoping for a 40% to 50% commission.

I have looked around online but have not found anything to great at this point.

any ideas or recommendations are appreciated.
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    Hey Brad,
    Might be worth Pm'ing fellow warrior Jarrod Haning. That's his area - real Estate.

    • Profile picture of the author Corwinnx
      Hi Brad,

      Send me a PM. I've got a buddy who is a Real Estate investor. He's written a few books on it. If you're going for the right niche, he might do a JV with you.

  • Profile picture of the author chrisnegro

    I have a couple and I'm in this niche full-time. Let me know how I can help...plus yes..we are give our affiliates 50%...soon to be raised

    Sincerely yours,

    Chris Negro

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