Photography website needs testing....

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Hi all,

I've been working on a photography website template for commercial wedding,portrait or any kind of photographer!

The website is scripted in .net 2 by myself....... It has taken around 2 years on and off to complete.

It started off as something to do but ended up being something that I NEEDED TO FINISH!

Anyway I finsihed it about 3 months ago and havn't touched it since!

The test site is

If people pm me I will give the username and password for entering the admin side of the site.

If you log into the site with username : dummyaccount
and password : dummy

You can view what clients will see and how they purchase images.

Its in test mode at the moment so now money is transfered. (It confirms this on the payment screen)

Photographers would be able to add client sets, update client information, view orders etc.

I have written the manual on how to use the site and can email you this if your interested in testing it.

Any questions please ask.

Thanks for your time.....

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Do you think its worth me continuing with this product?
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