Newbies: Don't give up!

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It took me 2 years before I really cracked the internet marketing code.
It's okay. I know many others who took even longer before they started making real money.
It's okay. Keep your day job and just keep learning and experimenting and tweaking. Spend at least an hour at it every day.

Everyone likes to make it seem like it was easy for them, maybe it is for some, but not for most.

Internet marketing is a craft, a skill and its professionals are paid very handsomely.

Law School is three years. Med School is 4. There's no shame in stinking it up for a while before real money comes in. It's a walk in the park compared to going through those two professional schools (I know I went though one of them).

Find a good mentour (I'm here to help in any way I can..though I too am still learning and growing all the time).

Even if you lose money for two years the light at the end of the tunnel when you finally get it is very bright.

Just keep plugging away. That's my advice.
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    Newbies must begin with Internet Marketing Center. If they have some cash, Sitesell. Then use Article Marketer.
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      Originally Posted by napoleonfirst View Post

      Newbies must begin with Internet Marketing Center. If they have some cash, Sitesell. Then use Article Marketer.
      How about the WF private forum? I think it is a good place to start, both for newbies and pros alike.

      IMC is also good. Haven't used sitesell so cannot say.
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    Yep, nobody ever said (or should have said) that IM was easy. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work to learn everything and start being successful. I guess I would still be considered a newbie since I've only been doing this about 2.5 months now. I've made a few hundred bucks, but I still don't consider myself "successful." With more time and work though, I hope to learn even more and start getting consistent money. To all the other newbies, keep your head up and good luck!
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    If you give up, you're guaranteed to fail. Which may be okay if you're really not into giving things a good go. IMing is not for everyone.
    However, quitting because you hit the bumpy patches in the beginning?

    I mean, why quit, really? If you have some time and interest, you can
    seek out methods of testing your skills without going cash-backwards.
    Thanks to web 2.0, there are many ways to test markets with no cash investment. If you find what you're testing on a small scale works, then leverage and scale up.

    If it truly doesn't interest you, no harm in walking away.
    But quitting just because it's bumpy?

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    My advice to newbies, hold on to your dream - and your wallet. There's so much temptation around here to spend one's hard earned cash to how to make money online reports, the ultimate guide to 6 figure income ebooks, etc. I've ordered a lot of these reports in the past, some are really good and some are also horrible enough to make one feel like a sucker. Consider yourself lucky if you don't have much cash to spend as that alone could have saved you from losing money on crappy reports that you were tempted to order due to their mouth watering sales letters.

    Just my 2 cents.

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      For newbies,

      Just stick with your single report and crack the code with it.

      Do not buy too much cause you will end up at the hell of IM newbies. (info-overloaded)

      To your success!
      Seree W.
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    I'll say it as easy as i can...


    No really, dont give up...

    Micah Rush
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      Dont give up newbies.

      I made $5000 my first try and lost it all...I still didnt give up, hell no!
      Keep going at it and you will make money.

      Altough I would love to tell you guys were to start, its more complicated then that cause we all have different goals and we are all in different situations.
      Some newbies need cash fast, some are in it for the long run and to make millions(like me).

      You just never give up and be prepared to spend hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of reading material on internet marketing.
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      Hi all, this is my 100th post and I thought it a little ironic that this is the topic I was reading at the time Back on the 16th of June, I was about to call it all quits, and those of you who may know already, I posted to this effect in the "old forum" - here is the link to that post...

      The Warrior Forum - BANKRUPT and goodbye...

      I was at wits end, and although I had some very serious persoanl issues going on, I decided to end my IM experience. At that time, I had been on WF for a few short weeks, with no great input, and was bombarded with sooooo much information about what to do and what not to do, that it was like trying to learn 10 years of schooling all in a day! I was trying to generate "quick" success to clear up my personal mess, and I learned very quickly that this was the wrong course of action.

      As you will see from this old post, within a very short space of time, I had more than 2900 views on this topic, and 100 replies, although some of these were obviously my own, and the thread made the "Best Of" thread as well. It seemed there were a lot of people who were interested in the whole concept of giving up.

      Jump to today.... and 2 months later, I am still here, have now posted my 100th post, and have built and published a site that offers my very first product. I am communicating daily with at least 4 WF members and we are working on other products, sites and projects, keeping me busy and focussed on the future. And you know what - I still have not made one sale from my site, BUT I am okay with that, because I know that the hard work is done. I know that I can take ONE peice of information and run with it, before moving to the next, and I know now that this is the only way to do it.

      FORGET what the gurus tell you - their only motivation is to sell you something, that you don't really need. Where I have found the most rewarding of results, is in the communication with other newbies, and when we all put our heads together, the results come. This is what fuelled an idea that we will launch very soon and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to benefit from it.

      In the meantime, if you ahve the time, take a look at that old post and see how someone who is almost on the verge of collapse, can take the heartfelt advice of other more experienced people, and continue the journey, evan when all seems lost. My signature line says "Broke to Millionaire in 6 months" and this is my goal. The reality of the situation though, is this.....

      With genuine people who really DO want to help you here, you are already rich! Just like having a million or two in the bank though, if you dont know how to use it wisely, you will soon be broke again.

      My dream lives on, and THIS has been my 100th post

      May the best be with you

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