Best xml sitemap builder?

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Good day to all
or night, depending.

I was just wondering if anybody has preferences for a sitemap builder, (for websites not WP)
that's acceptable to Google.
Before I go trying everything in sight I thought I might ask the more experienced.
Hopefully an easy to use one, as I haven't bothered to submit any before.
Thought it might be a good time to try it.



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    Hi, here is a free one which is pretty good
    Google Sitemap Generator for Windows :: GSiteCrawler
    BUT - beware, there are many people who have experienced a drop in ranking after submitting a sitemap to Google (not depending on which sitemap builder you are using).
    I personally just build a a sitemap on my site and don't submit anymore to Google. My experience is that the less G. knows - the better (thats why I don't use Google webmaster Tools, G. Analytics etc).
    Just my 2 cents.
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      Thanks sveisko, why do you think that you would get a drop in ranking, although I have heard that before?

      And that's a good point about the big G. That ran thru my head a few years ago, about why would I report on myself...

      But you want google to come and index your site as fast as possible, maybe I am not keeping with the times, but that used to be seo 101.

      Thanks for the link


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