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I have been reading that it is a very good idea to install a blog on your main website. But I am a little confused about the process. Wordpress and Cpanel typically install your blog with the generic name But I have been told it is best to install your blog in the "root" directory ie But if you already have an existing website there wouldn't it screw it up?

If it would screw it up then what is the optimal name and directory to put your wordpress blog?

I appreciate your help.
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    Hi Neil,
    I just have my blog with my own domain name and here I think I can share with you a little about your post.
    You can choose to have your blog at the "root" directory or "subdomain". It doesn't matter which one you choose. If you have an existing website with the "root" directory which u think is doing well, then install the blog at "/blog".
    In my opinion, if you are doing well with your existing website, it's better to set your blog as "/blog". I have blogger friend who did in this way and he is doing quite well. =)
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      I agree with Moon Loh.

      If you have files in the main directory I think they will get screwed up if you put the blog there too. But having it in the /blog subdirectory is just fine.

      Recently I put in a WP blog in my main directory of a site that was gaining steam in Google. Then I changed my mind and went back to straight HTML. I've not yet recovered my Google juice and my pages keep getting de-indexed. Ouch!

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