Percentage of signups vs visitors

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What is a good percentage of signups vs visitors to a landing page?

Also - is giving a free ebook away an effective way to get people to sign up?
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    Yikes! That is a really broad question. Lots of factors to consider here, such as your niche. I can tell you that to get higher rates, you definitely need to "bait" them with something, such as a free book as you mentioned. Just make sure you spend some time doing research and make sure the free book is something they will actually want.

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      Typically, a good percentage of sign ups to a landing page would be anything above 30%. You can reach 50% or more with a really compelling squeeze page.

      The free ebook is one of the best ways to get sign ups. At present time, the sole newsletter incentive doesn't cut it for getting the best conversion rates. There are tons of free newsletters out there.

      If you give a free ebook away, that plays to everyone's 'greed' factor. Get a nice, snazzy ecover, have a neatly formatted squeeze page and that will basically skyrocket your opt-in rates. Getting a quality ecover done is well worth it. It only costs $30-$80 and you can use it for years.

      Another way to get tons of sign ups is to put a short video tutorial on your page. Then, visitors can get the follow-up series of your video tutorials by signing up to your list.

      If you're in the Internet marketing niche, resell rights products or private label rights products can give your opt-in rate a shot in the arm. Better still, you can even include these products as bonuses if your subscribers opt-in. So you can offer the free report as your main product and have the resell rights products as the bonus. I can guarantee this tactic will gets of sign-ups, whether you're doing article marketing, giveaways etc.

      I'm going to do an extreme split-test soon. I will be testing a long squeeze page against a super short, minimalist squeeze page and I will probably be posting the results.


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