How is this possible? (!!)

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I guess this is kind of clever -- but, on the other hand, I don't see how it's possible...

Someone (spammer?) sent me an email. What makes it unusual is, it STAYS at the TOP of my in box -- no matter how many emails I receive AFTER he sent me his email.

I see how he did it -- the email is DATED the year 2036 (!!!!).

Any incoming emails I get after he sent me his will automatically show up UNDER his email in my inbox -- because all emails to me will have a date BEFORE his year 2036 date!

Pretty clever -- but how is it possible to have that date on an email sent now?

-- TW
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    I'll say this much -- that's one heck of an optimistic spammer!

    He doesn't just think his strategy will work for a year or so, he thinks I'm gonna let that email sit at the TOP of my inbox for TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS! -- lol

    I mean, why not put 2009 -- or even 2010?

    But 2036 !?!?! -- That spammer sure has big brass ones, lemmetellya!

    -- TW

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