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Hello people,
do any people here use or know anybody that uses PRweb. Is it worth the money: it's $360 for it's best package. I am thinking about getting a membership what do you people reckon.
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    Good question maverick,

    I also thinking of getting PR web service for my new ebook.

    Thanks in advance.

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      Prweb is definitely worth it. In fact, I thought about posting a thread about Prweb earlier today.

      Considering the SEO benefits, I recommend the top two packages to anyone that can afford it. And, if you have a kick-ass video, don't hesitate for a second to pay the $360 for the Media Visibility package.

      Their editorial staff is strict so if you outsource writing the press release-look for someone who has experience writing press releases for Prweb.

      Also, you will get a ton of impressions... make sure you write a good heaadline.

      Prweb is a no brainer!


      p.s. send me a PM and I will send you a screen shot of my Prweb stats. So you can see the activity I receive.
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    And don't forget to check out PR News Wire, too at ...

    Chip Tarver
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      Thanks people for giving me your thoughts. But what kind of results in traffic did you guys/gals receive:
      was it good targeted traffic?
      was it convertible traffic?
      What kind of traffic surge did you receive?
      Is that price a membership with unlimited press releases or do have to pay per press release?
      Finally how long should a good press release be?

      thanks people again for your opinions
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    What about Majon? I used them back in the 90's and got great results but have not heard much about them since. Any thoughts??

    Thanks all,

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      I just finished writing a press release for one of my clients, who is going to use the $200 submission at PRweb, I'll ask him to let me know how it works out and give you the results here.
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    I wouldn't send a press release out unless I had something newsworthy a media source might actually pick up. SEO is not a proper use of the channel.
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      Hi gang,

      I'm just curious to see the results of a prweb
      press release, because it seems awful pricey.

      So, if anyone has a good case study, I'd sure
      be interested in the data.

      Does anyone do free press releases, and if so,
      do you get any traffic out of it?
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    I have wondered about their reach, guess its no longer in question. Great posts.
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      You can get a 50% discount for your first press release if you sign up for an account with them and wait about a month till they send you the discount due to your lack of activity.
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    Good lord, this is a two year old thread!

    And here I am contributing to its revival. Moving on now! Nothing to see here, folks!
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    Very interesting topic. On Monday of this week, one of the PR sites I subscribe to was giving away a FREE trial of PRWeb's $360 product. I jumped at the opportunity, and my press release went out on Tuesday morning. Here's the data so far:

    Headline: Personal Budgeting, Debt Reduction, and Financial Goals Made Simple With Updated Interactive Website.

    After 2 full days, here are the results so far:

    Headline Impressions: 15401
    Full Read of the Article: 276
    Delivered to 379 Media Outlets, i.e. Associated Press, TV, Radio, etc.
    Number of Websites publishing the full article (per Google and Yahoo): 145 in Google, 6 per Yahoo
    Number of clicks received on the website that can be attributed to PRWeb (For 1/2 of Tuesday, and all of Wednesday): 118

    It's still very early in the process yet; there hasn't yet been near enough time for the power of this publicity to hit yet. Bear in mind that many of the people receiving this information are people in some sort of media industry capacity, who may (or may not) republish this information for the benefit of their own readers.

    My suspicion is that many of the clicks are from these media industry people looking to verify and confirm my product / website details.

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    I have not read all these replies of people . I recommend you Prweb is too costly . you should spend that money in advertising on other sites this will help you in generating direct sells rather than publishin Pr. Press release only helps in getting your business popular , it may or may not help in generating sells for your business..
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    I haven't used PR Web beyond the $80 version (not sure if it is still $80) and I did get a lot of backlinks and decent traffic. I was doing it more for the backlinks, though, but now that I think about it putting the time into creating viral pieces would produce far more backlinks plus the traffic benefit. I used to work for a PR firm, and a good release picked up can literally start a business overnight.

    Anyway, try out some of the free ones, definitely give WebWire a run ($20, always get 1,000s of impressions on those over time and clickthrus as high as time I did nothing but a WebWire release for a new website and it was a PR 3 after the Google update.) If you do go the PRweb route for the premium fee really go all in on the quality of your release.
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    Great thread. Does anyone else have experience with PRWeb's $89 'Basic' release? I've only used a few of the free release sites, and am considering using PRWeb. Their Standard and Premium options seem pretty pricy (can that $ be better spent on PPC or other ads?), especially since I'm not sure my current press release is really important enough to be picked up.

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    Just wanted to bump this for my previous post.
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    No it isn't worth it.

    I had 170 picked up... but some of them decided to drop me.
    And I had 50,000 Headline Impression.
    PRweb sent my release to 3,503 Media Outlet...

    And nobody reads my article.
    No traffic

    most of the 170 media didn't use my picture or my video... they accepted
    links. but nobody clicked on my links. My youtube still has the same number of viewers.

    So... I guess... I am unlucky tho. $369 is wasted.

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