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If you have traffic, but it is not targetted, what type of site would you direct the traffic to? Or, in other words, what type of sites do you think the general public would be interested in?

I'm thinking of the following categories:

- humor
- celebrities
- music

Any input would be appreciated.
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    Music of course, but you can get target traffic using Article Marketer, just write a couple of articles every day and use your website url in the article.
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    Music is always a great one for starters...but try out different causes, ones that you yourself are interrested in. Those help out a lot because people will b e interrested in what you have to say.
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      Thanks for all the feedback guys.

      This question was simply due to an idea I had to get free untargetted traffic, and I was thinking of ways to monetize such traffic. But I realized that I still need to work to get that traffic. And my time would probably be better spent going after targetted traffic.

      But targetted traffic is much more difficult to get than untargetted traffic, which was why I was attracted to the idea in the first place.

      I'm still looking for the easy way out!

      Anyway, enough rambling. I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to be successful in this business.

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