90% Of My Unsubscribers Say This...

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Apart from the occasional idiot who comments saying "f--k you" etc...

Most people who unsubscribe leave the same comment.

- I'm on too many lists, can't keep up with all the emails
- Too much information, I'm on too many lists, cant make sense of it all.

Is this is a bigger issue than we realise?

No matter how careful we are about emailing too often, all the other marketers who email too frequently may be spoiling it for the rest of us, who are trying to not annoy our subscribers too much.

Of course I'm not the email god who is saying one a day or once a week etc is the right frequency...but yeah I kind of feel sorry for the newbies who are struggling to keep up with all the emails they get and each marketer has a different strategy who are pulling the subscriber in all different directions...

Is there something we can do to help the situation?

Or is it just a matter of subscribers using their own brain and selecting a few lists which relate to what they want to achieve ..ie (don't sign up for a list that's about SEO if you want to do affiliate marketing as your core business")

Just throwing around some thoughts
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    I'm on your list Ernie... I think..lol... scoots off to check mail on inbox for subscriptions....


    I gotta admit that even if a noob don't need the mail.. they could learn a bucket load by collecting mail from other marketer's and studying it in sequence.. as I do with YOURS and many others..lol

    I do see your point.. and I just feel that we can't think too much about those marketer's that are whacking the crap out of people's mailboxes..


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      To be honest I would not be surprised if that is the case. For the past 4 years I have kept most IM subscriptions...although I have deleted what I could in the beginning but eventually I gave up and luckily yahoo upgraded the inbox capacity over the years so it was worth it.

      I thought I had 14000 odd emails, but shows you I haven't checked my inbox in a while... I have 20000 odd now

      See my attached screenshot if you don't believe me.

      Overall, yes, it is insane how much emails we get.

      Aargh...first time I use the attachment and its too small. Well here it is from photobucket:

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    I've gotten so sick of websites that require my name
    and e-mail address that I routinely use a throwaway
    address so that I will not be inundated with "spam."
    What bothers me the most is the certain "gurus" who
    claim they will only email periodically and that turns
    into a daily occurrence
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      Originally Posted by Monetize View Post

      I've gotten so sick of websites that require my name
      and e-mail address that I routinely use a throwaway
      address so that I will not be inundated with "spam."
      What bothers me the most is the certain "gurus" who
      claim they will only email periodically and that turns
      into a daily occurrence
      If after 2 weeks I am still getting an everyday "buy me" "buy me" email, I unsubscribe. If you are not going to take the time to send some half way decent information, you will lose me. I try very hard to do the same to my lists.
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    I think partly your unsubscribers may well just be using a common excuse for unsubscribing.

    The other problem I find is that I end up on people's lists more than once, when I have opted in for different things from different pages, I always use a unique email address for each optin - partly so I can file emails properly and partly so I can see if my email address has been sold for spam. I think that is more annoying than anything else.

    I do also somewhat agree that the marketers who bombard people are making it a difficult playing field for the rest of us, but that is an issue we can do little about.
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      I think this is the case, I too have started unsubscribing to list.

      Almost all of the list I get on start off with a great reason to get on their list, then after a while they start pimping the next great thing.

      This qualifies them to be unsubscribed.

      I got on their list to get away from the herd

      I am on the gurus list, so if Frank Kern is pushing the next greatest thing I hear from him, not 20 other people telling me or trying to bribe me.

      So I think, if you separate yourself from the crowd and offer something different, I am hoping my loyal list will stay with me since I am providing value that others don't.

      By the way my inbox is real quite the noise is gone, its amazing. I get to hear only from who I want to see email from.

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    well i think people should only subscribe to important lists! as then they will recieve emails that are worth readin rather than just being ignored or deleting.

    Its such a waste if its not productive.
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      If you aren't on lists and are marketing online, then you are really missing out on potential ad copy, good and bad. Which kind of makes me wonder how big is your list (really) once you factor out all the IMers who are subscribing to you to see what you are doing....

      On a separate but similar note, personally I think that, apart from the lists that are going after sales by volume, the best model is to have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter with actual information that your subscribers can digest and that has value.

      Tie your pitch into a story, a tutorial, or something similar so that the pitch doesn't sound like a pitch but more like a punchline. I know of a couple warriors on this forum that actually do this and I would be willing to bet that they have lists that not only can't wait for their email but that also get response rates that are through the roof.

      Most people have no savvy when it comes to promotion. They think that the way to get sales is to do just mindless promotion. It works if you have a large list but you won't be building a rapid fan base.
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    I think it comes back to providing valuable content to your list.

    - You sign up for a list because of the valuable freebie offered.

    - The next thing you know, you're hit daily with offers from the list owner on products, services or software that they haven't probably even tried themselves. They're just promoting it because it brings in good commissions for them. (I can understand if you're a beta tester for these products, but you can't be a beta tester for them all especially if they have just come out. How could you, there is no way for you to get anything done in your own business if you're constantly sending out emails promoting the latest greatest thing. Or, is that your business, just sending out offers everyday.)

    Adding to the above, mister list owner, why don't you try out the product first and tell me your experience with it and then I will make the decision to purchase it or not.

    - Another thing I see happening is the "cookie cutter" email promos. (i.e. The cut and paste email that the product owner provides to its affiliates. I get the same email from 10-20 people or more.)

    - Some of it is information overload. It's happened to me. With so many different business models in Internet Marketing, it's easily confusing for a newbie. One list owner says start a list, another says do bum marketing, another says setup a blog, and then another says start a membership site, and the list goes on and on.

    So they key for a newbie is FOCUS. But how can you actually do that by being pulled in so many different directions.

    What I have done is unsubscribed from a lot of lists because of the things I have mentioned above and have really started focusing on building a business. It has helped tremendously.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Take care,

    South Bay Bones

    P.S. If a list owner wants feedback on why I unsubscribed from there list, I tell them. If enough people who unsubscribe provide feedback to the list owner, maybe they will change their strategy. If not, then they will keep getting unsubscribers.
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    For me in non IM niches what I usually get is "I'm sorry but I just wanted some information and that's all" or the most common is "I'm leaving because I just don't have time"
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      What would be interesting is if a "pay per email sent" model came in (as I believe was being discussed by some providers a while ago).

      On the surface this would seem to be disasterous for IM'ers but (assuming it was a pretty nominal fee) it may cut a lot of the number of newsletters in circulation which could actually increase your profits as long as you manage your list right. It may turn into a situation where you would have to selectively add people to your lists from those that wanted to join.

      It would also get rid of spammers with one slice of the blade. What do you think?
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