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Hi All,

Anyone know of a good book to help a beginner get started in cold-calling? There are lots of books out there with good reviews.

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    Indeed! The greatest book I have ever read on this subject is by Stephen Schiffman and is called "Telesales". This dude has written great stuff on cold calling.

    You will also want to buy "The Little Red Book Of Selling" by Jeffrey Gittomer.

    Those 2 alone helped me do about $315K in 11 months calling people who HATED me.

    If I can do that in a hostile market...

    You get the picture!

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      I've been in sales and marketing for 36 years so take it for
      what it's worth.

      Why do you want to do cold calling?
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    If you're doing B2B calling, the DNC list doesn't apply. It's only for residences.
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    Gogetta (a warrior here) has a pretty good ebook/report on cold calling... from what i know, he lives and breathes cold calling so you can probably learn a thing or two

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