What is Your Best Quality of Traffic?

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I was wondering what people's best sources of quality of traffic are. Not what you get the most traffic from, but the most targeted.

For me, it is Craigslist and articles. I am able to post in categories that define my visitor on craigslist. And, for articles, I am able to write them geared to a certain niche and post them in certain categories.
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    1. Organic traffic
    2. Pay-per-Click
    In that order. Organic traffic because most people who google something know exactly what they are looking for. You can't get any more targeted than that. Best of all, it is free.

    PPC b/c it is pretty much the same...you just have to pay for it.
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    The best traffic:

    1. targeted
    2. loyal
    3. have a strong relationship with the list owner
    4. always buying
    5. definitely not freebie seeker.

    So where can you get such traffic?

    From reputable list owner who has big list.


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