When did you first fall in luv with IM

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Just wondering

When did you first fall in luv with IM....


for those of you 'Forced' into Im

What was the 'breaking point' outside of IM that forced you into it?

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    Wasn't forced into it and it's just a bit of fun, not love.

    If it stops being fun - I'll stop doing it.
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      It started just after I left school. In school my entertainment consisted out of reading books...so needless to say I discovered small business books and got hooked. But eventually the library ran out of books to read for me on that subject so I started in normal Marketing. A bit too complicated for me at age 16 so I decided just to read normal sci-fi etc. Then one day ...I was 17 round about, I had my first bout with internet in South Africa. Seriously...I am 27 years old now, so know that a few years back internet was still a scarcity in South Africa. Only rich people could afford it.

      Anyway, there was an internet cafe near where I lived and that's when I discovered yahoo. It still is one of the search engines that I am loyal to ^^

      Back then, in 1998 there were hardly any overload on information. Gosh I was looking for something and there were no concrete information which left me disillusioned. But then out of boredom I started to just search through sites of interest and one site I stumbled on had tons of information on how to start an online business and it dealt with internet marketing. The person who authored it were... Terry Dean

      That is where it all started.

      On that first day I must have printed out almost 100 pages full of information so I could take it home and digest its importance. Since then I went on to teach myself to use the internet further, build websites and today I can easily do what most people only dream of. Well I guess I am a fast learner.

      That is how it started.

      Personally I can find any information on the internet...even things people think they have hidden way beyond most people's means
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      In 1996 I asked a kid in a computer store what the Internet was and he demonstrated WorldChat.

      I signed up, bought a book on HTML and got started on my new hobby.

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    Just this year. Although I did a little bit of IM 2 years ago. I really fell in love when the checks started rolling in. lol

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