URGENT HELP!!! Someone hijacked my domain...

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I was just doing some promos and clicked my link to make sure it was working okay, and lo and behold... it's someone else's site but under my domain name.

How the heck can I fix this?

I'm in shock, and certainly trembling right now. I sure hope this can be fixed quickly, but I have absolutely no idea what to do. I've just send a 911 emergency ticket to my host provider and waiting for a response.

I've looked at my files in the CPanel, and the content is all there, so it doesn't look like that's where the problem lies. Clearly, someone simply stole by URL.

In case you want to check, it's www.ebook-haven.com and it is promoting starting a business.

Now, it's showing as a starting a business site with numerous listings. It should be offering ebooks on such things as dog training and fitness.

Can someone help me with this? Or explain how it could happen? :confused:

Thanks so much.

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    I don't have much experience of the situation, however I can only imagine one of two scenarios.

    1) domain expired and wasn't automatically renewed
    2) host was tricked into transferring it

    If it's the latter, your host should responsible for rectifying it.
    If it's the former, unfortunately, there's probably nothing you can do.
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      Thanks Karl,

      My site was up for renewal on the 16th and according to the records in my hosting account, this has been paid and my account is active. I'm still waitiing to see what they have to say.

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      Hi Sylvia,

      I can see what your site used to look like.

      It looks like the domain record was updated yesterday and the new registrar has over 120,000 other domains so you may have been caught by a company that grabs names that come up when people don't renew them on time.

      You can go and find out more here: Ebook-haven.com - E Book Haven

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    I think the problem is you registered the domain through hosting company. many hosting companies have the 'agreement' that if you don't use their hosting service, they will take the domain back. literally, they own the domain and release to you for use.

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      Originally Posted by AverageGuy View Post

      I think the problem is you registered the domain through hosting company. many hosting companies have the 'agreement' that if you don't use their hosting service, they will take the domain back. literally, they own the domain and release to you for use.

      Oh, really! I didn't know that. I'll have to check that out. Thanks, David.

      In case it matters, this is the domain name I developed on my own, not one they had on a list for me to choose. Does that rule still apply?

      So my next question would be... how do you register a domain if not with the hosting company? I read somewhere that you need someone like a host to do the registration. My first domain was Canadian .ca - back in 1998 I believe it was, when .ca first became available. It seems to me that was the rule here for registering a domain. But that might all have changed since then. I've just automatically gone through the hosts.

      And, of course, the question... if they are 'leasing' the domain to me, does that mean I can't move it anywhere else? Because that would be BAD!

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    I have had the same problem Kim described earlier in the thread funny thing it was also with Godaddy.. a guy called me to renew though over the phone and i was out of town (they called my cell phone) the guy said they wanted to take care of soe names that were about to come up for renewal well long story short I told the guy renew them all thats fine, well come to find out when i get back I lost a very (profitable) domain name of mine because the guy failed to renew it. after arguing with godaddy for several days because they wanted me to pay whatever the 100.00 or more fee was to get my name back since it expired well after the arguing continued finnally they took the heat for their actions and mess up and ate the fee's and got my name back for me

    but a important lesson was learned here for me, TAKE RESPONCIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN SITES DONT RELY ON SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR YOU, I learned that lesson big TIME! so my best advise to you NEVER rely on auto renew with any registrar or webhosting provider because it could really cost you to lose out on your great domain names....

    on a side note:

    I, recommend liquidweb for hosting (used them for almost 2 years now and they are AWESOME) and namecheap.com for domain name registrations I have never had any problems out of either of those providers :-)

    also on another tip for ya... namecheap is offering free SSL certificates with every domain name purchase right now so thats a huge bargain... they also offer free whois protection which alot of registrars charge extra for (like go daddy but whats new go daddy charges for almost every little thing lol)...

    God bless
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      Thanks for all your responses.

      I've now received an odd query from Asia that has me suspicious. Perhaps I should start a new thread since it's a bit different topic.

      In short, this company that registers companies has asked if I have any connection to this Holding company in Asia that wants to use one of my domain names. I'll explain it in another thread...

      "Someone else can register my name Internationally?"

      I'll come back and post the link to that thread when I creat it.


      Edit: Here is the link to that new thread:
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    Also in domain hijacking cases ( if it was really hijacked) you can apply to intellectual property and domain dipute organization. You would have to pay for that service but if you prove that your domain was stolen you'll get it back.
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    I hate to be the party pooper - but when I bring up your first link to the ebookhaven site - it's a mess - theres text overlapping text - and the contact form is messed up with other stuff at the bottom of the page. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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