Is there a tool that checks URL ranking for all keywords?

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Hey guys,

I know there are tools out there that check your url ranking in major search engines for keywords you type in. My question is:

Is there a tool out there that will do the following:

Step 1. I type in my url address.
Step 2. I select the search engine.
Step 3. I select the range of ranking- "give me top 100 results"
Step 4. Hit search button
Step 5. I receive the results showing what keywords my url ranks in the top 100 results for that particular search engine.

So basically, instead of searching SE ranking per keyword, I search SE rankings per url.

Thanks in advance.

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    keywordspy I think its called type it into google
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    There are plenty of tools that will do the job. The most powerful one as far as I am concerned is "Internet Business Promotor". This is a software based tool I use with my clients (it is also pretty expensive but cheaper in the long run than membership sites).

    It is a full suite of keyword tools, ranking checkers, website optimization, SEO analysis and much more. There is also a free demo available so you can test it out.

    I really find this tool invaluable for my own projects and my clients and can churn out easy to read reports for my clients to let them know exactly where they are and what we need to do to increase their search engine positions.
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    Tried most of the suggestion, neither one works.

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