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I'm using article marketing and PPC to promote my new affiliate website. I've written an article targeting some of the keywords people are using to find my site. I'm not pleased with the resource box because I think it can be stronger. This is the resource box I'm currently using (I removed the links so no one would accuse me of trying to get traffic from the site):

"Don’t waste another minute struggling with your sinus problems. Stop wasting money on sinus medications too. Nasal irrigation can give you relief from allergies, chronic sinus infections, sinus congestion, and excessive mucus. Visit (my website) to learn the pros and cons of popular nasal irrigation products and sign-up for a free e-course on the benefits of a nasal rinse."

Any suggestions on how to make it much better?
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    Michelle, take out the part about "stop wasting your time on..." They already
    know that. They're doing it, it's not working, or they're not doing it and it
    doesn't apply to them. Just get right to the meat of what you want to say.

    If this were my resource box, I'd make it short, sweet and to the point.

    "Put an end to your sinus problems TODAY! Visit my site at <URL> to find
    out how nasal irrigation will stop your suffering"

    Something like that. Short resource boxes work very well for me.

    Give it a shot or something similar.

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