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My nickname is PPCBully and I LOVE PPC.
I'm a 36 years old maried+3 children staying at Israel.
I just quit my day job as a senior finance manager in INTEL Corp
Looking forwrad to learn and contribut to this forum!

I'm in the Internet marketinf for the last few years, it's about time to make it as a lifestyle and my primary source of income.

I think I enough for my first post

see you all around
#internet marketing #love #ppc
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    Welcome PPC Bully...

    I wish you the very best f luck for all you internet marketing endevours!

    And you forgot to mention your name! hehehe

    So what makes you so passionate about PPC?
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    Welcome to the WF
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    Wow thats excellent if you are earning enough to ditch you Intel job.

    Please tell us what you do with PPC that makes you so successful!
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      I use ONLY PPC (at the moment and doing great.
      I use all kinds of PPC techniques for example
      Research the competition
      PPC the News
      reverse engineer unique placement URLs and PPC them

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