Can CB ban a serial refunder?

by Heri Rosyadi 10 replies
Today I am upset with one of my subscribers...

He bought a cb product from me and requested the bonus, I replied late and
ask his preferred username/password (as my bonus is access to my membership)
He replied and gave me the info.

BUT just before creating the account for him I checked my CB payment report
and saw that he has cancelled the transaction 3 days before his reply to me.

I checked my other refund statement and guess what the same guy on the list,
so he asked for refunds in couple of my last promotions.

Now I suspect him to be a serial refunder.

I emailed him told him that I won't give him the bonus as he has cancelled it,
he replied that he cancelled because of my late response, now if he was honest
he should've told me that he has cancelled it before replying with his preferred
username/password (lucky I checked again before giving him the free access!)

The other transaction he cancelled was a promo without bonus promises,
and he also cancelled it straight to clickbank.

I don't like this, and I want to ban him from buying from me or from CB...

Anyway to make CB ban this guy??

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