Is this a good way of article marketing?

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My plan of article marketing is the following

1)write 1 article a day and then submit to ezine article

2) Use that same article and submit to hundreds of directories using service

By doing this on daily basis I assume I can get hundreds or thousands of backlinks in short space of time getting good seo rankings faster.

so do you think this a better and faster way of article marketing?
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    Gone are the days when the engines took note of (only) the number of sites inking back to you.

    They now look at the link text ... in the case of mass submissions all the text will be the same ... a sure sign of mass submission of course. They won't penalise you but they will simply ignore most of backlinks.

    Article Marketer also submits to ezine articles.

    I'd suggest you also post some of your articles to a mix of new media sites such as HubPages, Squidoo, ClearBlogs etc.

    Good luck

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