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Hi Everyone,

I used for a number of months to post my ads there. I know each and every tip of how to post one ad to multiple cities, through out the backpage. My tips and tricks make them live more than 2 months on the site.

But, now since this year started, backpage change its policies to post ads. Now my all ads are deleted.

I know you are looking for my tips that I was followed and get success in the last year

My tips for posting one ad to multiple cities on backpage.

Here, I only use my one account through which I post my all ads

- I use different titles for my each post, so it was successfully posted on different cities.
- Sometimes I also change the description too.

Now these Tips not working
If anybody on warrior have some tips to solve this problem, Then I am really thankful.

Please share with me more tips about, how you get success in posting single ad to multiple cities.

Thanks in advance for all replies.

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    I am also facing such kind of problem, Anyone here to fix this problem?

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    First, you should definitely use more than one account to post. If you post multiple days a week, you should use at least two or three accounts.

    Next, you should get a VPN service to change your IP address frequently. There are a few out there. I use Hide My Ass and it works great. It costs about $11 a month but it's worth it. I tried using a cheaper one but I had to cancel it within 24 hours because I couldn't get it to work on my computer. Anyway, once you download the service, I suggest you change IP addresses every 8-12 ads. Some people say 20-30 but I've been ghosted for less so I would go lower. That's my 2 cents. Hope it helps!
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    backpage posting tips and problems
    "backpage spamming tips and how not to get banned"

    Fixed it for ya
    I live for myself and answer to nobody!
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    Try to post in many locations just change your title .
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    Is that still available ? I thought its closed forever.

    Respect to Your Elders.

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    In another thread it was CL that someone wanted help spamming. Now backpage.
    There are tons of classifieds out there and free/paid submit tools. Manually submit to the biggest ones and follow their rules. Then use a submitter for the rest. Done.
    And you won't get banned.
    Move it along folks, nothing to see here

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