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Hi Everyone,

I used for a number of months to post my ads there. I know each and every tip of how to post one ad to multiple cities, through out the backpage. My tips and tricks make them live more than 2 months on the site.

But, now since this year started, backpage change its policies to post ads. Now my all ads are deleted.

I know you are looking for my tips that I was followed and get success in the last year

My tips for posting one ad to multiple cities on backpage.

Here, I only use my one account through which I post my all ads

- I use different titles for my each post, so it was successfully posted on different cities.
- Sometimes I also change the description too.

Now these Tips not working
If anybody on warrior have some tips to solve this problem, Then I am really thankful.

Please share with me more tips about, how you get success in posting single ad to multiple cities.

Thanks in advance for all replies.

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    I am also facing such kind of problem, Anyone here to fix this problem?
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    First, you should definitely use more than one account to post. If you post multiple days a week, you should use at least two or three accounts.

    Next, you should get a VPN service to change your IP address frequently. There are a few out there. I use Hide My Ass and it works great. It costs about $11 a month but it's worth it. I tried using a cheaper one but I had to cancel it within 24 hours because I couldn't get it to work on my computer. Anyway, once you download the service, I suggest you change IP addresses every 8-12 ads. Some people say 20-30 but I've been ghosted for less so I would go lower. That's my 2 cents. Hope it helps!
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      My advice is to follow the rules of other sites when you promote. Breaking the TOS of other sites is not going to help you in the long run. Come up with a solid long term plan to drive traffic.
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    backpage posting tips and problems
    "backpage spamming tips and how not to get banned"

    Fixed it for ya
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    Try to post in many locations just change your title .
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    Is that still available ? I thought its closed forever.
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    In another thread it was CL that someone wanted help spamming. Now backpage.
    There are tons of classifieds out there and free/paid submit tools. Manually submit to the biggest ones and follow their rules. Then use a submitter for the rest. Done.
    And you won't get banned.

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